The garden is the magical space of our home. It is the space in which we can lose ourselves mentally and physically from our daily duties. That is why we must take special care in it, whether you have a large, medium or small space, it is always possible to give it that magical touch if we put a little effort and fill it with decorative elements that are typical of a beautiful yard.

Decorative elements that cannot be missing in a garden

Even if you do not have a good garden space in your home , a small one can be accommodated in any corner of your house, apartment or even office. Just learning some basic rules to have your garden with that touch of magic and well-being, and you will see how you will never want to leave it. Some ideas about the basic decorative elements for a garden are very simple.

They are not mandatory, of course, but if some of them you can put into practice in any type of garden that you have decided to incorporate in your home (always considering the climate of your region), whether in your rustic garden, plant garden tropical plants , garden of aromatic plants , garden with flowers or in the garden of your small balcony , you will surely achieve one of the most beautiful spaces in your home.


Pergolas are decorative elements that serve as a passage to another part of the garden. They are structures that serve to place vine plants. Climbing plants will climb the structure, filling it with their vegetation and forming a roof that provides shade. The most common have plants that have flowering, thus forming a magical and beautiful passageway that achieves a rush of well-being to everyone who passes through it.

Ideas to bring birds to your garden

There can be various elements that can help you to achieve this goal. Attracting birds to your garden is something you cannot miss. If your garden by itself attracts various animals and noble flying insects, you have fulfilled your mission, if not, there are different ways to do it, and it is through tricks or ideas that will help you do that, for example: small hanging structures that serve as stops; They can be houses made for them to inhabit and / or nest; there are also the dishes or feeders where fresh water or seeds are served.


Paths decorated with stone or other material

A good path of stone, wood or any material that you like and want to use to decorate your garden, will always give it a warm and genuine atmosphere typical of a garden. There are a thousand and one ways to do it, and you can even make your own way in the garden.


Figures of elves and animals to decorate the garden

It is great therapy to decorate it like this with the help of the children. A garden will always be synonymous with a magical world, fantasy, dream and mysticism. There are some people who love the world of elves and fairies within their dream garden. And they really achieve a beautiful garden if they propose, you can even do it only with your pots following the pattern of the design of pots with that theme. You will find thousands of ideas on the web but we give you this article that will provide you with many ideas: 30 Ideas to make your pots something magical.

Fountains and water ponds

The fountains are not only decorative elements, they are basic in a garden, they are also part of a relaxation garden. Every good garden must bring the user peace and tranquility, a good push for this objective to be completed, brought by the sources. There are several types of fonts, but you can make a Zen font yourself. See our article: How to build a Zen fountain .




Wind chimes

Wind chimes or “angel callers” are artifacts that emit different sounds when hitting themselves with the wind. They can be made of different materials, bamboo, metal, glass, stones, etc. Metal (bronze) and bamboo are recommended more, for emitting more harmonious sounds. These elements were created so that, through sound, more harmonious and balanced frequencies are created in space.


Spaces made for the campfire

Having a specific place reserved to create a campfire is one of the most successful things you can do in your garden. Campfires have convening power, especially in times of cold when no one wants to go out for air, this is a great resource to mitigate it, and incidentally, gather all the family and friends in a solemn gathering.


The benches to sit down to chat for a while, read, or just sit down to listen to the sounds of the garden, should never be missing. You can put just one in a place full of vegetation, next to the fountain or a water pond with plants and fish. They can also be natural benches made of stones, wood and in turn use them as elements that will serve to house plants. You will see how it soon becomes a favorite place to sit.

Lights in the garden

The lights are one of the decorative elements in the garden that will definitely give your space what it was missing during the day. And it is that at night it is only possible to see our garden from another angle, because the lights change everything. Suddenly it becomes the most bohemian and romantic space in our home, worthy of long evenings with a bohemian atmosphere or why not, a place to spend a beautiful party with a dance. Try putting candles, torches, light bulbs in series, illuminating along the paths you have laid out or in trees, in vegetation or on walls.

Old furniture or other items used like flower pots

This encourages the re-use of some furniture that you no longer used and had left lying around. It can be wheelbarrows to carry dirt, bicycles, carts, armchairs and even shoes, whatever you want you can turn it into a beautiful element that will contain the most beautiful flowers in your garden.

Garden furniture

The garden furniture as decorative elements , include garden tables, chairs, hammocks, benches, garden rooms, work tables, and everything you want to add and that you want your dream garden to include according to your needs. You can reuse furniture that you had inside, you can even make it yourself. We leave you with this good idea to make your own hammock with a pallet. How to make your pallet hammock bed.



Trees are one of the most respectable inhabitants of our garden. If you have trees, you can consider yourself a lucky person. The trees are the imposing ones of our garden, around them our furniture, games, plants, and all the details practically rotate, they are what give us the rest, they shelter us on a sunny summer afternoon and they let us enter our garden. most beautiful sun rays. If you don’t have trees, plant a variety that is deciduous if you live in areas with different climates; and evergreen if you live in very sunny areas all the time and with heat. Although, genres are broken in tastes, and you should plant what works best in your space and fit according to the climate of your region.


Natural pots with succulents

These pots are the result of improvisations. You can take that log that was just hanging around the garden without a specific use and you can make it a beautiful succulent pot. Or also a small corner of the step, it is optimal to improvise with ideas with succulents as well. Succulents are plants that can be docked in any space and are easy to grow. They also look beautiful in their different variations and colors.





The tree house is always part of a garden that wants to include the most essential elements to make our garden not only something of relaxation, but something magical and fun. Who does not like to be climbing a tree, especially when it is small, and what better than to do it with a tree house. There, it becomes our favorite place to be, read, play and keep our most beautiful secrets.

And of course, these are only the elements that will accompany the garden that you have chosen to put in your home, which will contain what you want in plants in your region, including flowers, succulents, aromatic plants, to harvest / eat, cacti, plants tropical, in short, whatever is your choice and taste and above all that they can be easily grown in your land. Lucky!

Dr. Eric Jackson

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses. He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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