This juice will help you end the discomfort of constipation quickly because it contains, among its main ingredients, flaxseed, which contains fiber, which helps improve intestinal transit and treat constipation.

Constipation is a common gastrointestinal motility disorder that is often chronic , negatively affecting people’s daily lives.

Constipation is one of the most common gastrointestinal complaints in the United States, especially among the elderly.  Both chronic and acute constipation can be a major source of discomfort.

How to detect constipation

Constipation is diagnosed when bowel movements are difficult, with hard stools , or painful.  Contrary to popular belief, stool frequency is not a diagnostic criterion for constipation due to the wide range of variability between individuals. 

Most people have at least three bowel movements a week , but some people have fewer and would not be diagnosed with constipation.  Bowel movements should be fairly regular and pass without effort or pain.  Stool should be shaped and flexible, unlike pebble-like and hard.  It is also important to note that dramatic changes in the frequency or shape of bowel movements (such as frequent diarrhea or the sudden onset of painful, very difficult-by-step bowel movements) should prompt an immediate visit to the doctor to look for causes. underlying.

How to prepare natural juice to relieve constipation

In all countries, millions of adults complain of annoying and common constipation. However, with a few measures, the lazy intestine is activated without the need to take laxatives and that is where the role of this natural juice comes into play in relieving constipation .

Juice for constipation

In addition, as flaxseed is included as an important source of fiber , it is excellent for weight loss, as it eliminates cholesterol quickly. Helps control obesity and unnecessary appetite, as it contains large amounts of dietary fiber.

Flaxseed has five times more fiber than oats and consequently helps fight constipation.


1/2 glass of natural pear juice
1/2 glass of natural orange juice
1 1/2 tablespoons of raw flax seeds

Preparation method:

Blend the pear and orange juices with the flaxseed on high speed. Serve and drink in small sips. It is recommended to have a glass every other day.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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