Those bags that you see inside new shoes, inside purses and other accessories have a specific name and functions that few know. These sachets contain silica gel, a substance that has the ability to absorb moisture . It is for this function that most merchants include it in their products.


Uses of silica gel in the home

There are several uses of silica gel for the home that few people take advantage of. This is the reason why a series of simple actions with which you can get the most out of it are listed below.

To care for paper files

This is a tip that can help companies and individuals who safeguard a large number of paper files. Because these are places where moisture can easily build up, the use of silica gel is the best option. Simply put a couple of envelopes in folders or drawers so they absorb moisture every time it pops up.

Extends the functional life of photography equipment

Silica gel helps prevent photographic equipment from being damaged by moisture . They are generally made of materials that “sweat” when heat builds up and this in turn damages and oxidizes metal parts. A couple of sachets of this gel will be enough to avoid damage to the equipment.

Avoid rust on tools

The oxidation of the tools causes them to deteriorate and even stop working. A practical and effective tip is to use silica gel between tools , preferably leave two envelopes under the tool box since this is where the moisture concentrates.

Accelerated drying


The gel in question has the ability to be light, that is, each granite can be adaptable to surfaces where you want to avoid moisture or absorb any type of liquid. It is precisely this factor that allows it to be added to the petals of the flowers that you want to dry quickly.

To keep the seeds dry

Dried seeds tend to be very sensitive to changes in temperature, especially when it is very hot as it causes sweating on your skin and when it dries it damages the coverage. It is simple to avoid this degradation, with the silica gel this problem is avoided.

Keep shoes and clothes on for longer

Using silica gel inside your shoes, or inside a jacket or clothing item can help keep them away from moisture and deterioration, and will also help keep them odorless.


More uses of silica gel for the home

  • The glasses tend to condense and collect moisture, to avoid this inconvenience just hang a couple of gel packets on the glasses.
  • Softening towels and the like can collect bad odors due to various factors, regardless of what may cause it, if you place some bags of silica gel, the bad smell on the towels will be avoided .
  • Silica gel sachets are effective in saving phones that have gotten wet . Dipping it in rice is effective, but in bags of this gel it is even more practical. Keeping a few could prevent a headache from these accidents.
  • The surface of the photos tend to collect moisture, if you have an archive of them or complete albums, simply add about two bags of this gel in the middle and avoid damage. This is an ideal trick to keep your photos perfect .
  • Just like a mobile phone can dry, this gel has the ability to absorb liquid from household appliances that have gotten wet. You should first dry it with a towel, then add the bags and let them do their job.
  • Silver cutlery can lose its shine over time, this effect can be prolonged by placing a bag in the cutlery drawer.
  • If you keep pet food in a jar, then it is recommended to use silica gel to avoid moisture .
  • One of the places where moisture and odor can easily accumulate is in suitcases. That is why it is important to add a few envelopes according to the size of it.
  • Adding silica to fur coats helps keep them from collecting mold and moisture.
  • Sleeping bags are not used all year round, for this reason they can collect moisture. Keep them in good condition by leaving a couple of silica bags inside.

There are more uses of silica gel for the home that can be implemented. Any activity that can generate humidity and bad smell in accessories, beauty, kitchen, office and the like, can be treated and avoided with the use of these gel bags and their benefits.

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By Dr. Eric Jackson

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