There are 6 hidden colors in this word search puzzle, and the color you find first will reveal a lot about you and your hidden personality . Before doing this hobby it is important to be focused and concentrated, it is recommended to do it in a quiet place, without distractions. The solution is at the end of the article, please do not scroll down until you finish.

This simple but accurate test will help you in a great way, you will be able to discover hidden things about your personality that perhaps you did not know and even know something about yourself that you did not know at all. The goal is simple, just look at the alphabet soup above and try to find any of the 6 hidden colors, as mentioned before, do this exercise concentrated and without distractions.


You are a person who loves leadership, you have a lot of capacity, intelligence and agility. You see life with a lot of optimism and you characterize yourself for being really positive, your good vibes are always transmitted to others. The only thing you have to work on is organization and discipline. You are very capable of undertaking any project, but the downside is that you often leave things by half as you are easily distracted by something newer than what you were doing. You must give a pattern and finish what you have started, so it will be more what you end up doing. If we get it right, don’t forget to support us with a like and leave your opinion in the comments.


You are a very perfectionist person who is always taking care of every detail. You are over the top organization even over time. You want nothing to have the slightest error and that is why you spend more time working than actually living. You should take your time, remember that outside of the office you have a life that awaits you, relax, enjoy yourself and remember that a mistake from time to time is allowed to learn. If we get it right, don’t forget to support us with a like and leave your opinion in the comments.


You are one of the people who see a possible solution in any situation instead of seeing a problem, you are very practical and efficient. You behave in a more rational than emotional way and you are always very clear about your goals. The downside of always going one step ahead is that you never let life surprise you, you need to establish a balance between your brain and your heart, let things flow and not premeditate so much, to allow life to surprise you.

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You are a person who is characterized by being transparent and very loyal, especially with those you appreciate. You always try to offer others the best version of yourself and although you are an excellent friend, if they betray you, you easily throw out the people in your life. You care a lot about your future, that is why you are always striving for the best. You must live life more calmly and above all enjoy it, at the end of the road you will get your reward and you will achieve the success you want so much. If we get it right, don’t forget to support us with a like and leave your opinion in the comments.


You have a lot of imagination, you are very creative and romantic. You are also characterized by being a dramatic person and that can play tricks on you, since you must hide, on many occasions, your true feelings. Your emotion infects everyone, your enthusiasm and disposition are always the order of the day, however, sometimes you can be very changeable. What they think best suits you are the arts because of the way you tend to express yourself, you have talent, they have sensitivity and artist wood. People consider you smart and cautious. Harmony and tranquility are part of your day to day. If we get it right, don’t forget to support us with a like and leave your opinion in the comments.


You are not attracted to conflicts at all and you try to separate yourself from them, you like tranquility and you try to keep your life in balance and when you cannot agree with someone, you prefer to withdraw and not get into arguments. You have a great IQ, you know how to handle your emotions to the point that you avoid arguments, others see you as a very peaceful person. You always try to show your best face even when inside you are not well, however that can play tricks on you, because sometimes you are giving more than what you receive.

You should try to be more yourself without waiting for approval, or for fear of getting into discussions that you don’t like to hide your true feelings, because sooner or later it affects the body. If you feel that it describes you very well, don’t forget to like it and write your comment.

Try not to write what color you found first, so you avoid others focusing on a specific color and having a more natural exercise.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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