A huge amount of artistic and scientific literature is devoted to such an unpleasant phenomenon as extramarital affairs . There is a lot of talk about this, but the statistical data is not enough. Historically, marital infidelity is considered a betrayal and an unpleasant phenomenon in almost all the peoples of the world. But the attitude towards the betrayal of women and men varies from nation to nation.

Reasons that can trigger an infidelity

Specialists in the field of family relations distinguish the following reasons for marital infidelity :

  • The emergence of a new feeling of love for another person. Such a reason often occurs in marriages, when couples do not love each other enough. Faced with loneliness and lack of love within marriage, a person, even if he does not want to, can seek warmth and affection elsewhere.
  • The reason may also be a desire to avenge the betrayal of one of the spouses.
  • Betrayal can also occur when a person loves his partner, but he only allows himself to love. The constant lack of love of the second half, the feeling of not being necessary leads to a search for positive love emotions with another person.
  • Often over the years, the flame of feelings begins to fade, and in some couples it disappears completely. Such situations are more typical for experienced couples. In such cases, everyday life tends to draw them towards different paths and interests. The spouses give each other less and less time, they do not try to diversify their common intimate life. Sometimes they are even pushed into the background, thus arising the desire to obtain new emotions elsewhere.
  • There are times when a new family breeds with a betrayal. This happens if the previous family was destroyed by treason. When couples do not see a future in common, it is normal that they do not want to continue the relationship. Then, the betrayal can become the final point in the disintegration of the pair.
  • A fairly common form of infidelity is an accidental hookup. Often such betrayal occurs in a state of intoxication and is accompanied by regret after consummation.

What are the reasons for their infidelity?

According to surveys conducted among men, the most frequent reasons for the changes were: sexual dissatisfaction. There are many reasons why the sexual life of the couple can be interrupted. For example, the fact that a married couple has to separate temporarily for business trips.

They also noted the feeling of love for another woman, frequent fights in the family and curiosity. A similar survey among women showed that the main reason is dissatisfaction with relationships with their husband.

Psychologists say that the most basic reason for adultery is the dissatisfaction of the needs of one of the members. If, with female adultery, there is a search for the satisfaction of emotional needs, then men are changed to satisfy physical needs.

The first imminent signs

Usually there can be imminent signs that something is not flowing as before, and you can detect it in some of these situations and attitudes:

  • A sudden drop in sex.
  • Cash withdrawals or credit card charges that are not usual.
  • He stays working very late and longer than usual.
  • New attention to their physical appearance and wardrobe.
  • An urge to run errands that takes you out of the house for hours.

Among the signs that we can pay attention to, these 3 main red flags that predict if someone can be potentially unfaithful are listed .

1. You’ve cheated before

Any therapist will tell you that past cheating behavior indicates an unfaithful future. It is not about practice, but about habit, and when that habit responds to a deficiency that has not been worked on, the person is in constant danger of falling into a new infidelity, even if he wants to prove otherwise.

” More than one case of infidelity is a bad sign ”

2. Learned it at home

If one or both parents were routinely unfaithful , your man may be more inclined to cheat – especially if his father was the skirt hunter. In the case of women, it could influence, although to a lesser extent.

3. Your cell phone habits have changed

Many men think: What is the best way to hide this from my wife? ” A cell phone that you can not access with a password ” also would be easy to justify that they are business things.

Even if you have a new phone, your calling and texting patterns may have changed and you can tell. Maybe your partner now has his cell phone in his pocket when he used to leave it on the table, no problem.

How to maintain a relationship with your husband after the betrayal

A clear and simple answer to such a complicated question, we will definitely not get it. After all, we are all convinced that honesty is the foundation on which every relationship is built. Therefore, if there was an infidelity, there will always be that feeling of constantly pointing out the culprit.

In life everything happens, probably, it is not necessary to blame the partner if he repents and both want to continue. Your partner is perfectly aware of his guilt and perfectly understands what you feel. If someone seduced you, or something else happened, how can you tell? After all, there are also cases when husbands simply leave the family. They could not reconcile with what happened, they could not look into the eyes of the spouse. And in the families there were children who, in principle, did not understand anything.

You must realize that your partner is with you, by your side. And it is worth a lot. He did not leave home for that other person, he realized his mistake. He is not in love, he understands that everything happened spontaneously. And like, what else is needed? But it still hurts. After all, such an act can easily be considered treason. In those moments, it seems that the world has collapsed. You trust the person, you give yourself everything, but in return you get what is simply not intelligible to the mind.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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