The maturity in a woman is given by the passing of the years and the experiences lived. A mature woman is someone who shows respect and trust in herself and other people. There is a moment in the life of the female gender, where you change and you know what you really want.

You act like a grown woman or like a girl

Many times, regardless of the age of the person, maturity can be delayed and even noticeably diminished, giving rise to childish attitudes in adult women and problems to establish themselves in life.

Here are some actions that will show if you have matured, or if you are still a child emotionally.

1. Dismissing other people’s evaluation

Worrying excessively about what others think or say is a lack of maturity and is usually a childish attitude that we all adopt at some time in life. But when you start to downplay people’s criticism, you learn to value your own opinion. A woman doesn’t need someone to tell her what to wear, when to talk, or to be quiet.

Decisions made from this change will bring more benefits for women. In addition, the value itself increases and greater capacity is achieved in making personal decisions.

2. Ignore what your ex is doing

Previously it was a necessity to be aware of what the ex-partner was doing, at an early age and with less experience about couple relationships, the childish attitude of wanting to review and be attentive to everything that the ex-partner does is usually adopted: to know Who he talked to and even who he dated was essential to be well. However, maturity brings with it an important change, independence. You prefer to live day to day, and know how to ignore what that person does or does not do.

3. Avoid fads and trends

It is very common for girls to seek to be fashionable and dress like everyone else. Over the years, importance is no longer given to what they all wear, but to looking and feeling good with what one chooses. A mature woman achieves greater awareness of what she needs, and what makes her feel better.

4. Accept your body

The simple idea of ​​having a good body was something very important for the girl, because what others said or thought depended on that. With the passage of time and the arrival of maturity, the woman begins to accept herself as she is. In addition to understanding that loving the body implies more than what others see in it. It involves living a healthy life, doing physical activities, and avoiding things that harm you.

5. Ignore social stereotypes

Social stereotypes only led to accept certain ideas, even if they did not feel comfortable with them. For example; have the latest phone in trend, get married at a certain age, or have kids at some point. However, learning to ignore what society dictates will make women feel much more comfortable. In the same way, full satisfaction will be achieved with what is achieved in life and this comes when the woman begins to be mature.

6. Knowing how to let go of what is not convenient

When you are very young, it is common to think that you can change a man’s personality. However, when the mind and thoughts have reached maturity, a woman realizes that it is best to let some people go. She no longer reports fear of letting go of those who do not agree, and she is more willing to love herself and choose a partner respecting certain parameters that were not previously available.

7. Avoid toxic friendships

Previously it was very difficult to avoid or end relationships that only affected. Thinking that she could be left alone, a woman came to tolerate completely toxic friendships. A sound advice would be to avoid these types of companies that only harm and steal valuable time from life. But being able to make mature decisions implies starting to be a mature person, and in the case of choosing our personal relationships, maturity is very important to choose the most appropriate.

8. Apologize when necessary

As an inexperienced young woman, asking for an apology was almost impossible, since she always believes herself to be right. As a mature woman, it is easy to identify when you have made a mistake. This makes it easier to apologize to whoever deserves it; This is an attitude that a mature and experienced woman usually carries, above all, an emotional self-knowledge, which allows her not to enter into empty conflicts and seeks her own peace of mind, knowing how to apologize in time.

9. Maintain self-control

Knowing how to maintain control in times of stress shows that you have become a mature woman. You no longer need to respond in the same way, so as not to feel attacked and you do not get into conflicts easily, on the contrary, you have become more neutral and observant. With lived experiences, you learn to control emotions, behavior, and even desires. A childish attitude is the one that occurs mainly when the woman lives in constant discussions, dramas and unjustified fears.

10. Know what you want

At a certain point in life, a woman comes to know what she wants in life. There are no longer doubts about who you are as a person, or what you want to achieve. A woman’s confidence is evident and she gets to know herself better. Being clear about what you want and taking the time to go for it is an unequivocal sign that the woman has reached a mature stage .

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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