Discover how to create a Zen bedroom to turn the rest area into a temple where you can find calm and a space to feel totally free.

Respecting the hours of rest is more than essential to lead a full, calm and satisfying life , and for this, it is essential that in our bedroom we find an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort combined with a decoration that supports this relaxed and restful atmosphere. A Zen bedroom is the closest thing to this idea and despite being a space that may seem luxurious, anyone can grant it if they know how to correctly apply each decoration and design.

Benefits of a Zen bedroom

To achieve this, the so-called Zen style is one of the most recommended options , since it is an aesthetic trend that seeks, under the harmonious order of the elements of a room, to find peace and provide the best rest , something vital to maintain our brain and energy in optimal conditions to face each day.

Maintain order in the room

To start with this, collect your room completely, one of the fundamental pillars for the Zen style is order , so you will not be able to start correctly if the place where you rest is a real chaos, also a space with a certain order, not by obsession , but a space that looks neat, it can be much simpler to clean and maintain every detail in good condition .

Once you’ve tidied up your room, follow these tips:

Using natural fragrances

Homemade fragrances to spray like flax, vanilla, sandalwood or beeswax, candles and essential oils are all natural ways to enhance the room with fresh fragrances, which can not only be calming when it is time to sleep, but also invigorating when it is time. the time to wake up.

Night tables

The nightstands should only have the objects you need, try not to fill them with books, papers, cables, etc. An alarm clock, and a book is a good option to consider.

Less technology and more comfort

Remember that your room is your temple, keep it away from unwanted noises such as telephones, computers and televisions , you should also avoid unnecessary electrical devices that emit blue light, which is detrimental to falling asleep and getting an adequate rest.

A space to meditate or relax

To achieve a better rest, we recommend taking 10 minutes of rest or meditation before going to bed, this will help you sleep peacefully and quietly and prepare your body so that each muscle can relax properly.

Earth colors

A design inspired by the Zen style has to do with natural colors , in soft tones, such as white, gray, shades of beige or pink, which have the power to induce a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. The chromatic harmony between the various elements is very important, as well as the visual continuity between the walls, furniture and floors.

To add contour to a monochrome room, you can always choose to combine a dominant color with matching objects. To create the diversity of colors, you can combine two colors in similar tones or play with gradient tones of your favorite color.

Soft, natural light tones

For a totally relaxing space, it is necessary to replace fluorescent lights, natural lights inspired by nature or the use of candles are recommended. Place the different light sources that allow you to control the intensity and the areas to be illuminated. Avoid projecting strong direct light from the ceiling and take advantage of all the possibilities of mixing a floor lamp, a set of lamps and indirect light.

For the bed area, wall mounted reading lights are very practical as they can be oriented to emphasize the respective area, unlike lamps that are rarely flexible. If you like diffuse light, you have the option of adding some scented candles.

Green plants

Plants have a calming effect through their soothing green colors and the release of oxygen . However, avoid flowers that need special maintenance or can give off unpleasant odors. You can decorate it with a small Zen fountain that will make it a temple to your space.

Bonsai trees or hanging terrariums, for example, can be a good choice and are often included as part of a Zen bedroom or decorations such as the Zen garden .

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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