Why do people cheat? Here we share five of the main reasons that psychologists point out for this type of behavior to occur.

In addition, we will touch on topics such as: What to do when faced with betrayal? Can it be different? These are situations that are necessary to understand in order to establish relationships and protect yourself in the future.

Situation 1: Increased self-esteem

For many men, betrayal is precisely the way to increase self-esteem. It is ideal for showing your professionalism, yourself and your group of friends. Sex outside the relationship helps a man overcome personal psychological problems. But such behavior is a bad habit: just as smoking calms the nerves, and alcohol helps to break free.

Those who resort to treason as a medicine are subject to the influence of others and are people who did not mature psychologically. The truth is that behind this behavior there is a great lack of values ​​and a lot of immaturity.

To do? If you want to maintain a relationship, you need to spend a lot of time working together to understand the problems and solve them. However, remember that no one can solve a problem, without your participation, it is important that he also wants the same.

Situation 2. Get the couple’s attention

A person can change partners in order to attract attention. He or she concludes that when you see him with someone else, you will regret paying little attention and not appreciating his courtship. And maybe they even start to score points. Sometimes betrayal is a kind of sign that you really want to change something in a relationship.

You may wonder: “Was it really impossible to say this in a human way?” . However, some people are not always able to realize that they are not comfortable with the relationship. Much less do they know how to argue or do what should be done, which is to  “talk about us . 

To do? Tell your partner how unpleasant and how bad it was to choose this method of influence. If you are ready for dialogue, then together you can fill your life with positive impressions and learn to solve word problems.

Situation 3. As a reason for deception

It occurs when a woman once cheated on her partner or he considers the betrayal consummate. If he is a vengeful and selfish man, he may want to solve it  tit for tat . 

To do? If you really gave your partner an excuse, speak up and explain yourself. Most likely, you will be able to get your relationship back. If you are not at fault, but he thinks you cheated on him, then it is more difficult. A pathological jealousy who also changes you based on his own suspicions, it is usually best to leave him.

Situation 4. An unfortunate accident

Accidental betrayal can happen while traveling, in the neighborhood, or with a colleague after a party. A man may consider that it is not something serious and generally blames the situation.

To do? If you don’t feel guilty and find reasons beyond that, then you are not ready to answer for your decisions. A man who does not think about his actions and their consequences is incapable of assuming his responsibilities. Do you need this for your life?

If he acknowledges a mistake, regrets it, and sincerely says that you are the only thing he loves, you can forgive him. Let him understand how his behavior hurt you, without hysteria.

Situation 5. Instead of parting ways

It is not always easy to tell a girl that you want to end the relationship. Out of compassion or habit, a young man may continue to meet, even when he finds other relationships for himself.

To do? Let it go. Of course, this is difficult, especially when you feel like you really love him. But no matter how much you forgive him, he will repeatedly cause the rift with his actions.

And you do not need to think with pain, that the other surpasses you in something. No, it is not that he has a better figure or character. It’s just that he himself has changed and decided to be with someone else. This is an occasion to think about your future relationships and become stronger and wiser. After all, the ability to let go is a sign of maturity.

Psychologist’s advice

A casual relationship is one in which the man or woman did not think, but acted. There are many excuses for parallel relationships. If you are faced with the betrayal of your partner, think: what led him to seek adventure? So, if you can understand this story, you will have the possibility of getting to know both your partner and yourself better.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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