The color of the clothes you are wearing can reveal a lot about you, your feelings and moods, aspirations and fears are just some of the signs that are evident in the favorite choice of colors that we like to wear, since be it clothes or accessories.

Every day you can read notes on how each action and choice can reveal something of our personality. From the shape of the nails to the color of the clothes we wear. Psychology is the science that studies all these things, both behavior and the mind.

Psychologists use a variety of techniques to learn more about the true face of people’s personalities. They look at everything, especially the color of the clothes, which is what we’ll talk about today, to understand what it may be saying about us.

What the color of clothes can tell about you

In this article, we are going to analyze the color of the clothes that you wear regularly , and to which you have a greater inclination, and give some details about what it can indicate about you as well as the effects that color can have on our personality.


The color red is certainly one of the most beautiful, sensual and fresh colors that one can choose to display in this way. There is no doubt that this color awakens many emotions , most of which are associated with love, passion and energy.

If this is your preferred color choice, it means that you are open to new things and are not afraid of confrontation. This color is also associated with war and danger so it inspires people with anxiety and fear.


People who go for this color can show off their endless dose of energy. They have the desire and enthusiasm to approach new projects. They never give up on their dreams, especially if there is a narrow ray of hope and opportunity. They are also not afraid to swim against the tide. They are always surrounded by groups of people, friends and their loved ones and are highly respected among themselves. They can easily connect with people and make new friends.


Another color, often commonly chosen, is blue. This color has beneficial effects on both the mind and the appearance. On the one hand, it makes the silhouette of the person wearing the dress look fresh and light and for others when they see this color, it generates tranquility, peace and harmony. This color creates a feeling that you are someone calm, stable and balanced and your life is perfectly planned. This color also builds confidence. Show how much you value your family, friends and that you are always fair.


People think that if you are wearing gray , you are a dull person, since these colors are associated with sadness and depression; But according to experts, gray is a color that is considered sad and depressing and if someone dresses in this color regularly, they could even be seen as someone asking for help. However, this color is sometimes chosen when they want to present themselves as someone who is sophisticated and admirable.


Yellow is known to be one of the most cheerful colors in the range . But it’s true? People even say that if you give someone a yellow rose, that indicates hate! but this is not at all close to the reality that this color awakens. Yellow indicates happiness and inspires confidence and hope. People who wear yellow have a little problem with jealousy and are very sensitive.


Violet or purple or whatever color in this shade we don’t know the names are the symbol of the mystery. Purple is the combination of red and blue that we have already talked about, so this could mean that they have the combination of the traits of each color. They obtain the stability of blue and the liveliness of red. The people who wears purple loves to be surrounded by luxuries. They have a mysterious and magical aura.


One of the most special colors is undoubtedly green. This color represents hope and is associated with loyalty, truthfulness and so many more beautiful adjectives. And of course we cannot forget the inevitable connection it has with nature. Green plants give you the feeling of freshness and clarity of mind. When it comes to love life, people who wear green are the ideal companions. They ensure stability and a sense of security in a relationship.



The rose is very delicate and subtle. And the first thing that appears in our head when we hear or see the color pink are girls. However this is not entirely true. Although people think of someone who is wearing a pink dress as someone with a lot of sweetness and delicacy, in reality, that is not entirely true, these people turn out to be quite stubborn and sentimental. People who choose pink are very fragile and shy. But it is guaranteed that they will never bore you when they are around.


If the garment you usually choose is brown , there is no doubt that you like peace and stability in your life. For you, nothing is more beautiful than being surrounded by a solid circle of friends and acquaintances. You have great respect for nature and the world around you. Friends and family are of great value to you. You are an honest person, you cannot tolerate lies and people can always trust you. You care a lot for your people and you never hurt them.


Black is one of the most commonly chosen colors of any garment around the world. But, what is this color associated with? First of all, whoever dresses head to toe in black is shrouded in an aura of mystery. This color is seen as a strong and inspiring authority. Since black is the color of mourning in many countries, it is often identified with sadness and loss. On the other hand, people choose this color to appear more sensual.


Almost everyone is attracted to and likes this color, white is associated with angels and goodness. Indicates purity and sweetness. It also adds charm and people will know you as someone who is full of grace and positive energy. If white is your choice, there are no spontaneous actions or chaos in your life. Even the smallest aspect of your life is calculated.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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