Among the most common causes of being overweight is the excessive consumption of beverages that make you fat and foods that are poorly distributed both in terms of quantity and type of food. To get the body to stop accumulating fat, one of the main requirements is to avoid these drinks that can increase weight.

The body, according to the demands of each person, requires a certain amount of calories that are used by physical and mental work. The human metabolism is based on this balance to demand caloric consumption and also its degradation so that there are no internal imbalances. This is how the need to properly consume certain foods that provide this “fuel” arises.

Fattening drinks

But beverages are also part of this conglomerate, it is estimated that beverages represent 21% of the energy consumption that a teenager or adult needs per day. These variants are altered when substances that contain too many calories are consumed and are not used. Below are the fattening drinks , how to avoid them and recommendations that will keep your body weight stable.

Sugary drinks with low nutritional content

Regular markets and all malls are flooded with high-calorie drinks. In fact, the most common are soft drinks, in all their variants they contain high amounts of sugar that provide more than what the body needs. What’s more, those that are carbonated triple this amount of calories.

It has been proven that people who drink too many sodas or soft drinks in general tend to be overweight , it is a process that occurs as a result of no or little use of this contribution to the body. In the case of soft drinks, they cause damage to the liver, pancreas, increase predisposition to high blood pressure and damage muscle tissue.

Energy drinks


Since its inception, fattening drinks have a synonym: energy drinks. They were conceived under the idea of ​​increasing energy, and although this is true, the process that occurs in the body causes the person to predispose to weight gain if they continue to consume it.

Studies have revealed that a moderate consumption is even healthy for the cardiovascular system, but the excess increases, among other factors, the risk of various types of cancer, deconcentration, high initial physical performance but with dependence to continue consuming more to maintain that level which it becomes an addiction.

Non-caloric drinks and with artificial sweeteners

Most fattening drinks have artificial sweeteners, hence their color and even taste. But taking this product frequently causes an increase in sugar in the body, this when not being used completely turns into fat that is acquired in adipose tissue and the person begins to experience a substantial increase in weight.

Recommended drinks for daily consumption

Now that we know which beverages are fattening and why they do it, it is worth mentioning those that benefit the human body due to their properties and effects on the health of each person.

Pure water

It is one of the tips most used by nutritionists and Sleeeeeep could not be the exception. Pure water activates the healthy functioning of the metabolism that helps to eliminate toxins that the body acquires through food and other external factors. Drinking 8 glasses a day ensures that the body stays hydrated and ready for moderate wear and tear.

Lemon water

Lemon water is very effective in helping to lose weight , it also acts as a fat burner , and the properties of lemon help detoxify and cleanse our liver. This is the best option before choosing drinks that are fattening and can harm your health.

White tea


The white tea is very depurativo for this reason it is recommended to remove the accumulated fat , especially in the abdominal area where it is more difficult to remove. The benefits of white tea do not end there, as it can also help normalize cholesterol, reducing bad cholesterol .

Coffee and tea without sugar

In addition to being a culinary treat, both coffee and unsweetened tea help improve a person’s physical performance during the day. According to research from the Harvard School of Public Health, the caffeine contained in coffee and other natural drinks helps reduce the risk of suffering from depression, and this is because it acts directly on the central nervous system.

Water Papaya

The properties of papaya make it an ally to reduce weight in a healthy and natural way, this fruit works by preventing fat from accumulating in the body. Ideally, this drink should be prepared only with pure water, without adding any other ingredient.

Addiction to sugary drinks


All the beverages that are fattening and that have been mentioned above have a component that few know and that are called: additives. It is a chemical substance that activates the appetite in the hypothalamus and requires prolonged consumption, leading to addiction. An addiction that results in various diseases and overweight.

The medical recommendation in this case is the proactive adherence process, that is, if you try to stop drinking from one day to the next the result will be negative , indeed , failure is assured. If you consume more than three or four energy drinks, sodas, soft drinks or similar a day, you should start to remove one each week, until you are able to leave them completely.

At the same time, that amount of liquid that is avoided must be added by consuming purified water. The human body is composed mostly of water and this balance cannot be altered, to avoid damage due to lack of calories, it is recommended to consume foods rich in protein, nuts, for example, would be an excellent complement.

Dr. Eric Jackson

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses. He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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