To how many parents it has happened, who have had to face the tantrums suffered by their children, not only at home, even on the street before the attentive eyes of people, quick to criticize.

They become complicated situations, the fact that you cannot control your child in an episode of rage. The only thing that parents think about in this circumstance is how to solve the matter.

However, even when we are under the scrutiny of the people, the strategy is once the tantrum is over to talk with the little one about the situation that caused him discomfort, try to understand it and help him face the situation in the most appropriate way for his age, always emphasizing, that the tantrum is not the way to be understood .

It is important that you recognize that the child tantrum is an act of stress, not feeling understood or not being able to express dissatisfaction with a situation. One strategy is not to be overwhelmed by people’s comments, your only goal is to understand what caused or triggered the tantrum, so that in this way you can avoid or prevent future tantrums.

Always know how to act

The child tantrum can also be triggered by an order that you gave or indicated and that the infant does not want to execute, remember that the adult is you , you know your little one and that is why you must always give orders or make requests within a framework of kindness, understanding, and maybe a little complacency; after all, nobody likes to be ordered the hard way.

Do not corral the infant with absurd impositions , do not use words like “do not do it” “I forbid you”, because perhaps you will have to suffer the frustration that they did not do things as you ordered them. Analyze and adapt your language when making requests. Hostile language can trigger embarrassing moments that you may not be able to control later.

Avoid making promises that you know you will not be able to fulfill , since, your son or daughter, in addition to thinking that you are a liar, may be causing an uncomfortable moment, since, for a boy or girl, what is promised is a debt, and for him or her you will have lost all credibility. In addition, it will not attend to reasons why you do not fulfill what you promise. There is no justification that works for something with which you have finally not kept your word.

Think and anticipate to achieve your well-being

If you know that your son or daughter gets bored while you go shopping, go to the bank or do any obligation, think of activities that you may be able to offer while you go to these places. It is important that you also make him spend pleasant moments: bring his favorite book or toy, bring food, water, etc. You know your child and you know what activities he can enjoy the most.

Don’t forget to congratulate and reinforce him for his good behavior . Fill him with praise, make him feel that he earns much more when he knows how to behave, that things are not achieved with tantrums, that by talking and doing things well, everyone wins.

When you feel that your child is about to start a tantrum, talk to him or her about a topic of their choice, you will see that you will get their attention, and at the same time you will keep them entertained and interested in the conversation.

Ask him about his friends, girlfriends, their names, how he did in school, in training, about his favorite cartoon, in short, you will know which subject may be the most attractive.

Another way to avoid tantrums is to not pay attention, remember that the main objective of the tantrum is to steal your attention, do not look at it and perhaps the infant will understand that with anger, fury and bad behavior he will not achieve anything with you. Don’t reinforce unwanted behaviors .

You have to understand and take into account that the main strategy to avoid childhood tantrums is to know your child and in this way avoid situations that cause stress in the infant, always keep in mind that the adult is you and you are the one who reasons and has the right control, do not allow your son or daughter to take control over you, because if you lose control you stop being their guide and authority.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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