Saying goodbye, sometimes in life it is one of the most important challenges to say goodbye implies a change and a break from the routine to which we are used to this theme is associated with impermanence with the continuous becoming that this journey through the world subjects us to. that we are going through called “life”.

The theme of goodbye has been on the lips of poets, writers, and singers since we know the story, and it is possible that the same word goodbye has very emotional implications in our behavior , who has not cried at a funeral, on a weekend. course, at a bachelor party, or when a relationship ends, the human being has spent the story of his life always saying goodbye, and it turns out that things go by the same fact that they have arrived, and many times to give us the opportunity to be able to grow.

Why do we need to say goodbye in order to grow

In life, each good or bad experience leaves us with endless knowledge, provides us with elements to build and strengthen our friendships, relationships and personal characteristics, gives us tools to face the things of the future, but also provides us with attachments.

Understanding the “Goodbye”

When talking about “goodbye” we must necessarily fall into the explanation of attachment and the importance of learning to cope with it in life, by being in continuous contact with a situation or person we are integrating it into our life, in this way we know that, or we believe that That will always be the same, but it turns out in reality that everything is constantly changing, including the emotions or the connections we make with people and things. Learning to detach facilitates the process of saying “goodbye” in order to grow .

Heraclitus, who was a famous philosopher of whom only fragments of his work are preserved, said ” We enter the same rivers and do not enter, because we are and are not the same ” which later in a work by Plato became “it is not possible bathe twice in the same river ”, this masterfully illustrates what it is really to live, you cannot bathe in the same river twice because the second time neither the river nor you are the same.

The truth is that if everything is constantly changing, it is most likely that people, things and situations are too, right? That is why we must always have this idea by our side as we live and Facing life experiences, it is useless to stagnate in a situation or suffer to keep alive what has already died .

What do we win by saying goodbye

Saying goodbye, facilitates the entry of new enriching experiences through the closing and opening of new chapters in life, that is why it helps us to grow, the growth to which we refer is that delicious feeling that what we have lived has left innumerable changes in our life, the perception of the usefulness of those changes and the satisfaction of having experienced emotionally within that closed chapter, is what will generate the necessary impulse to go out and start looking at our new experience.

Nothing to fear then, on the path of life there will be many goodbye and there will be many hello, that is what living is about, do not get attached to anything, letting go is to maintain the natural flow of things, while you cling to things you suffer from unnecessarily and you stagnate to receive the new in your life.

As you can see saying goodbye is also a way to grow , and it is a natural part of our life, so you know, every beginning will always have its end, and everything we can enjoy during your stay with us will be our earnings, please, never have afraid to live.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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