Venezuela is a privileged land in terms of climate. This small country located in the north of South America has wonderful landscapes that make it one of a kind. One of the most incredible places in Venezuela is the Archipelago de los Roques . This is very popular with international tourists, as it is described by many as Paradise on Earth.

Why is this archipelago so attractive?

It is characterized by its beautiful white sand and splendid blue sea . The only populated place in Los Roques is Gran Roque. It is right there where you can locate inns for your accommodation, as well as some restaurants.

The Archipelago of Los Roques is a protected area. It is a National Natural Park in Venezuela and its main attraction is the walks through each of its keys, the most popular being Madrisquí, Crasquí, Francisquí, Cayo de Agua, Dos Mosquises and Cayo Pirata.

How to take advantage of a trip to Los Roques?

The ideal is to hire the service of a day of boat ride , with a guide who will tour the best keys and islets of the archipelago. One day is not enough to appreciate the wonders of Los Roques, however, you can take advantage of every minute of your stay in this tropical paradise.

There are some keys very close to Gran Roque, just 5 minutes away by boat or boat. However there are others within a 30 minute drive. But each and every one of them is worth the effort of the visit. Best of all, there is no specific time of year to visit Los Roques , because due to the privileged conditions of its geographical location, there is always a good tropical climate, lots of sun and also a breeze in some specific points. For the latter, the place for the practice of Kite Surf is also popular .

The archipelago has hosted several national and international competitions in this aforementioned sport, which is becoming increasingly popular. Other activities that can be done in this beautiful archipelago are snorkeling , diving, Day Tour , Kayak, sport fishing, sailing trips and surfing. A true paradise for lovers of water tourism.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

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