Surely you have heard from the mouths of others advice such as “you have to be patient” or “persevere to achieve results”, but what is it, and what do we gain from this?

The importance of being patient and persevering

Patience and perseverance  are life skills that take a lot of work to acquire through experience. There are individuals who naturally have a personality more given to developing them, however, it costs all of us a sacrifice quota to achieve it, but compared to the benefits that are contributed to our lives, in the end, the cost is minimal.

What is being patient?

Patience arises from the ability to endure difficulties that, as we walk through life, always present themselves, but it also defines our ability to wait for answers or wait for things to change or improve.

Our desire for immediate results makes this a difficult skill to develop, as patience goes against the current canons of life. Waiting times for responses have decreased thanks to the development of technological means and the boom of the information society, in ancient times people wrote letters that took days to reach the recipients and more days for the answer to the matter came back to their hands, this made people have a slower pace of life. Waiting wasn’t so bad after all, and people had a greater degree of patience and understood the real importance and value of time.

The advantages of being patient and persistent

  1.  Patience contributes that necessary quota of knowing how to wait for the right moment and the given conditions, as well as to understand that things do not happen overnight. The value of effort and sacrifice facilitates, on the other hand, a constant positive attitude, patience has conquered great social struggles as shown by the story of Mahatma Gandhi and other inspiring stories, patience becomes a personal struggle to resist to achieve , which becomes a struggle with yourself, promoting personal growth, self-knowledge.
  2. Perseverance refers to the ability to maintain an action for a long period of time without results, this characteristics of our actions in life can have more advantages than disadvantages , there are thousands of stories we have heard about people who have lost opportunities to triumph for abandoning the effort just a little before a great opportunity was given.
  3. We can also say that perseverance helps to know the power of work and creative action . There is a popular saying that says “he who perseveres reaches”, this is because by keeping your eyes on the bush and the objective along the way, insisting on reaching it despite falls or problems, you will end up winning the fight and, consequently , you will achieve the triumph in life.

The best things we enjoy in life have cost sacrifices: the best rivers are hidden behind the highest mountains, the best sunset can be admired from the top of the highest mountains, have patience to wait and perseverance to persevering will bring into our lives the best that is available , the easiest path has already been traveled hundreds of times, instead the unknown and difficult paths, few have reached them and surely hide the most precious treasures ever seen by the human eye.

Perseverance can also be displayed by a dog

To recreate this article, we have chosen the following video that clearly shows the meaning of perseverance. The curious and unique thing about this video, which has become a viral video on the web, is that the protagonist is nothing more and nothing less than a dog. In the video, the dog and his owner are shown taking a walk through the woods. The Labrador breed dog brings a log in its eye that cannot enter through the bridge they are about to cross, so it gets into trouble. But we leave you the video so you can see for yourself his ability to insist until he gets through:


By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses. He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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