Breastfeeding is practically all that the baby needs to develop, it contains fats, vitamins and proteins in balanced amounts so that the baby can generate its defenses and grow healthy.

As mothers, we always want the best for our children, there are thousands of formulations on the market that promise to be as good as breast milk, however, it has been proven that none have come to correspond with the needs of the newborn baby. Breast milk is the only food that provides all the necessary nutrients for the proper development of your child and not only on a physical level, but also on an affective and socio-emotional level.

The food that is provided through breastfeeding is a “live” food , it is the only food that will change according to the nutritional needs of your baby, in addition to providing protection against a number of childhood diseases and during adult life. Breastfeeding is not only a source of energy or caloric intake, its delicate composition will be useful for each organ of the child’s body, it will transport the hormones necessary to grow and it becomes a unique and specific protector against diseases that circulate in the child. immediate environment where they live.

Benefits of breastfeeding

In the socio-affective field, on the other hand, it contributes in a positive way to reduce the incidence of emotional problems and psychological disorders, both in the baby and in the mother, we will divide this article to break down the physical and psychological benefits for the baby, and benefits for the mother too, in both areas.

Benefits for the baby

Helps prevent and cure infections. Breast milk contains essential elements for the immune system , it has been shown that during the first 10 days after birth, which is the period of greatest vulnerability of the newborn, it contains 10 times more leukocytes than blood, oligosaccharides, work by allying With the bacteria to help the baby, the fats present in the milk deteriorate the outer layer of the viruses by deteriorating them, making them unable to peel and produce a viral infection. Linoleic acid is associated with the death of cancer cells, but it also helps fight inflammation and promote the functioning of the cardiovascular systemIt also contains an anti-secretory factor that constantly protects you against diarrhea.

Promotes growth and development

Scientific studies divide growth factors, which are nothing more than mediating substances between hormones and neurotransmitters that promote cell growth and development, epidermal growth factor, insulin-like growth factor and transforming growth factor, contributing to development and the maturation of the child’s gastrointestinal system . For example, breast milk from mothers of premature newborns will have more elements of the epidemic factor to strengthen the digestive system. The consumption of breast milk is also associated with something called ” programming of the first years of life ” which postulates that the period of breastfeeding will determine the appearance or not of factors such as obesityand the predisposition to suffer cancer.

Sufficiently breastfeeding your baby will put your child at a significantly lower risk of ear infections, cancer, diabetes, meningitis, respiratory diseases, rheumatoid arthritis (and other diseases of the immune system), to give only a short list of benefits. to the health that breastfeeding brings.

Psychological benefits

Breastfeeding a baby is not only providing food, it is also providing socio-affective tools to grow healthy and happy, breastfeeding enhances the bond between Mother-Child, favors the expression of emotions and playful and communicational interaction , this bond will act more forward as the pillar of emotions, elements such as skin-to-skin contact, gaze, support, pampering, presence, which added helps to strengthen the relationship of love and mutual enrichment that is gestated between the two, is called among scholars of emotions ” the link of the relational chains “, the baby will repeat these links in each of his relationships as an adult.

Benefits for the mother

For the breastfeeding mother there are also health benefits , the production of milk causes the mother’s metabolism to remain accelerated, allowing her to return to the weight she had before pregnancy. Breastfeeding consumes the equivalent of 500 or 600 calories in calories, a mother who does not breastfeed would have to go around a swimming pool 30 laps or walk an hour uphill to expend this equivalent of calories.

For diabetic mothers, during breastfeeding there is a significant drop in blood sugar levels , as well as increases the so-called good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol, likewise, far from what some doctors and specialists thought, breastfeeding does not cause osteoporosis , it accelerates the mechanism of calcium production . Therefore, after breastfeeding, mothers’ bones will be stronger.

It also acts as a natural contraceptive in women, who during this period do not have menstrual bleeding, this has to do directly with the production and use of iron.

Psychological benefits

The breastfed baby will be a safer and calmer baby, so the mother will have less stress when raising the children , generally developing a more natural parenting style, it has antidepressant effects since the mother’s relationship with the child increases and feels a feeling of happiness in doing so.

As it is a simple and natural procedure, it is generally successful, the mother’s self-esteem is raised by easily incorporating herself into a natural diet, without complicated preparations or bottles, she will be calmer and with more time for themselves and their new family.

Breastfeeding is a beautiful experience, both for the mother and the little one, it contributes so much to the relationship and personal life that you should never choose to replace it with formulated foods, do not let time pass to live this full experience of motherhood Later, you could regret not having done it, as always, try to live lucidly.

“If there was a vaccine with the benefits of breastfeeding, parents would pay anything to buy it”, by Carlos González, pediatrician author of the book ” A gift for life .”

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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