The Little Prince is one of the most important and recognized literary works in the world , not only because it reaches children but is also appreciated by adults. In the first place, more for the form than for the substance, in which the author transmits teachings about values ​​and love.

The truth is that Antoine de Saint-Exupéry created a masterpiece , one of the most widely read of all time. With a simple, frank and digestible story for all tastes, which provides a degree of reflection coupled with innocence, which shows the deepest meaning of life. The meaning of each moral or teaching that he leaves deep with his actions and his way of seeing the world in which he lives, can vary according to the moment of life that the reader is facing.

However, love, respect, personal relationships such as friendship and love, loss and loneliness , are issues that those who read this wonderful work face. The little prince allows you to know the inner being, in how through small actions you can change the world, but even better how to be better people, with yourself and with those around you.

These are the 5 teachings left by The Little Prince.

The book allows us to observe, explore and know the point of view from the gaze of a child, with the innocence that seems to be lost with the years.

1. “The essential is invisible to the eyes”

Many times what is really important is not what is seen at first glance , it is not the material or appearances that have value, but what is carried inside such as feelings, friendship, love and support. It is in itself an invitation to know the essence of people beyond the facade, eliminating the prejudices that pollute the world.

2. “Each one should be asked what is within their power to do”

It is important to bear in mind that the demands you have with respect to another also condition your own, that is, you cannot ask something of another if you yourself would not be willing to do it for someone else. It is like giving and receiving in the right measure, but being aware of what one is capable of doing and what not.

3. Dependence

“But if you tame me, then we will need each other. For me, you will be unique in the world. For you, I will be unique in the world “

It refers to dependence and how easy it is to fall into it, be it in a loving, fraternal relationship among others. It is vital to stay as an individual , without leaving one side to the other but always keeping your reserves so as not to get lost and merge into one.

4. “It was the time you spent with your rose that made it important”

Many times, the value of things is not exactly the price paid for them, on the contrary, it is the time you invested to get and care for them. It is not the beauty of the rose that made it unique and special but what she made him feel during that time.

 5. “Maintain the illusion and innocence despite bad experiences”

Many times people end up broken, injured, torn to pieces, without the desire to face a similar situation again and without faith in others, because they believe that the same thing will happen as before, however, The Little Prince invites us to move on , to learn from obstacles and bad experiences and not giving up until reaching a dream, but the most important thing is that we must not allow our innocence to be lost, we must fight to keep the child that we carry inside free and not cover it with masks or imprison it inside us to protect us.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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