These are the most frequent questions that women usually ask themselves . It is what they think about during the long sleepless nights and constitute the great dilemmas of the woman of today. In this article we will address these issues from the perspective of a psychologist specializing in personal development for women .

1. Where is my other half?

Instead of talking about two halves we should start by naming appropriately, and it is best to talk about a pair . Imagine a corridor with many doors, this is the corridor of your destiny. Behind the doors are new corridors with new doors and even if you have freedom of choice, you will always have to guess. As you can see, we have millions of options, but we cannot know them before opening the respective door.

So is it possible for a woman to choose a hallway where she won’t find her peer? Although it is rare, it could happen. However, it is normal for couples to find themselves without knowing how to build a relationship, thus ending up in solitude. Therefore, for your search to make sense, you must be prepared when you find what you were looking for.

2. Why am I not married?

Many times it happens that a woman thinks she finds the ideal man, but he is already married. Or it may be the case that it is a single man who is in no rush to get married. Don’t believe the fairy tales about the fact that there are no real men left.

Many women manage to marry multiple times and each of their partners may seem like the ideal of every woman. So what really happens is that girls just don’t want a marriage. Of course, on a conscious level they will say they want a family with children, but the unconscious might say otherwise. And indeed, today’s women, unconsciously do not want to marry, that is why they always find the candidate inappropriate, and even, there are social charges that exert a lot of pressure, which causes, in most cases, the woman to choose bad candidates, or even she herself is not a good candidate yet. This is undoubtedly one of the dilemmas of today’s woman.

3. Why is my husband cheating on me?

Many of the betrayals have their origin within the same family relationship. But a family can still be saved only if both spouses are willing to work hard to achieve it. Although, most of the time, the lack of security makes the man believe he feels fulfilled having a lover. In his mistake of wanting to see himself as the “alpha male”, he ends up establishing multiple relationships.

The truth is that you can tell if the man you married is a traitor, although it is not written. It is something that you could know from before, but you did not pay due attention to it at the time. But, contrary to what many of the women wish, it is not possible to find the ideal husband in advance, only experience and daring to share who we really are in a couple relationship can show who is who in truth.

4. Why doesn’t my mother understand me?

The mother is one of the obstacles in the lives of so many women. The mother is the basis for forming you as a woman, as a mother and as a wife. So imagine what happens when mother and daughter don’t have a very good relationship. If a woman comes from a family that is not happy, then she will believe that family happiness does not exist.

Unfortunately, women trained in these families often believe that couples should swear, cheat, forgive, cheat again, etc. As a result of this, along the way they find the right candidates for their beliefs: traitors, deceivers, drunkards … So when it is her turn to be a mother, the round of problems begins again.

5. How to become happy?

It is a wonderful question that we should never stop trying to answer. But, on this occasion, it seems to me that the correct question would be: what makes me happy? Ask yourself about it every day, find something that brings you happiness every day and not in the probable future.

If you have already found what makes you happy, then it is time to do what makes you happy. They can be simple things, like walking in the park, talking to children, or looking at animals. The recipe for happiness is not something that is prescribed to all of us in the same way. We can find happiness in our favorite hobbies and activities that interest us.

This dilemma of today’s woman is loaded with religious overtones and erroneous beliefs, you must be happy, to be happy is to always live smiling, happiness can be achieved one day, etc. These social burdens and pressures can be very harmful and not only for women, but for anyone who wants to find moments of certain happiness, which will always be those moments closer to tranquility than to euphoria.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses. He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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