You could start this post by recalling the phrase of the American writer and mythologist Joseph Campbell ” The cave you fear to enter is the one that hides the treasure that you are looking for so much .” This thinker considered that happiness was something that the human being aspired to with the greatest desire, however, he had to overcome his own fears and thus be able to free himself from fear to find that state of happiness.

Our way of thinking and our personality lead us to create barriers that we consider to protect us, unconsciously, however, these barriers also prevent us from advancing towards our goals, so that happiness instead of becoming something Every day, we are established as a risk that we must take because before that, we must challenge our own barriers imposed by fear.

If you want to unravel your own limits, discover what your hidden personality is, and what you really want, we offer you this note, where you can carefully observe which door or entrance you would be most afraid of entering, and depending on the door that you choose, below you will have the answer to your choice.

Entry number 1

Abandoned house, surely you are a person with a very strong, intelligent and analytical personality, you have no problem seeing things as they are, you always put your values ​​ahead and hope that people are similar to you. The wall covered in wallpaper simply says that you have placed emotional and spiritual walls, this in turn makes other people not easily relate to you, on the other hand there is a light on, it means that you do your part to break those emotional barriers that you have put on. You have few friends, but those friends are really true. Your intelligence will open many doors for you to new jobs or businesses.

The only treasure you want to find is emotional or spiritual satisfaction.

Entry number 2

The stairs of a basement or attic, it only means that you want to be free and fully enjoy. Going down these stairs symbolizes the fear of being buried, you literally have a fear of death and the unknown of not knowing what lies beyond.

The treasure you wish to obtain is that of good health, so take care of yourself in every way so that you can have a long healthy life. You can do this by eating healthy and eating a balanced diet, you do not have to change your lifestyle, walk 10 minutes a day and you can also make a physical and mental change. You are a person who is thinking all the time and who loves life very much.

Entry number 3

If you are afraid to enter an ice cave, you are probably at a stage in life where you are looking for emotional warmth. This means that you may find yourself fearful of becoming sad or frustrated, and it even means that you fear being alone. If we give it a positive approach, it tells us that you are in the best stage of your life, and you have and know exactly what you want. You are a person with a lot of courage and you cannot bear ties, you love your independence and freedom.

We could say that the treasure you want to find in this cave is love.

When you already have a relationship, your subconscious is sending signals that say that maybe, you long to have someone else’s love, it does not exactly have to be that you want another partner, but that you are looking for it in a friend or a relative.

Entry number 4

The abandoned house is literally your worst nightmare, because the home symbolizes the love and security that you have, you are characterized by being a generous, bold and very devoted person. You are always looking for the well-being of your loved ones and give them everything that is necessary. On the contrary, seeing a house in ruins means failure.

It is common to believe that in an abandoned house we will find some old things that could have value and give a little security to your family and you. You are a very loyal person with a great heart that very few people know how to value it.

Being afraid of these houses means that the treasure you are looking for is precisely that, riches, but you must work hard to obtain it, the best thing is that when you obtain it, do not waste it and give your loved ones in addition to luxuries, affection and love.

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Entry number 5

The fear of entering a tunnel means that you must internalize your emotions. If we add cloudy water it means that your ideas and thoughts are not very clear and that you need to clarify them, you should focus on the solutions instead of enlarging the problems further. They are also people with a big heart and a lot of intellect.

When choosing this entry, what you are looking for and want to find as a great treasure is self-confidence, it is necessary that you express your feelings to solve your doubts and problems, remember that things always become clear at the end of a tunnel.

Entry number 6

Blue door surrounded by chains, it is a color that embodies the color of the sky and the sea, it is also associated with stability. You are very productive and you achieve what you set out to do. You always try to have very specific and very arduous goals, you know yourself to be a hard worker and you rarely cheat at work. You are a very creative person with great intelligence to solve any type of problem. You always seek to give your best and in you there is a great leader.

Leave work for a while and rest, after all it is the treasure you want to find.

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By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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