Children are like sponges that absorb everything they see and hear, that is why you must be careful when teaching them, it is important to show them the value of things and not the price.

The importance of teaching the value of things and not their price

Values ​​are learned at home , it is necessary to teach the little ones to develop their skills, to reaffirm their strengths and to deal with their weaknesses, making them see that the material is not what is important but the way in which you cope with the environment.

They must understand that happiness is not given by the most expensive of gifts or the greatest, and that material things do not represent affection and happiness; that love is demonstrated with actions and that the feelings you receive and give are the greatest treasure.

Teach good lessons

The success of these children in the future will depend on the lessons well learned , on the strategies established in the heart of a home during their childhood and on the way in which they learned to deal with problems, according to the limits and demands placed on them. have been placed during their lifetime.

Whoever struggles to have the best and not precisely to be better, has some flaw in values ​​and principles; Of course, it is not a bad thing to want to have goods that serve to have comforts, however, being a better person respecting oneself and the rest of the world is what will lead to success to the new generations and that is cultivated by teaching the value of the ” things”.


The intention and effort that led you to get your belongings are the true value they have, not the monetary price, but the time invested. Time is the true value of moments, people, pets, objects, because it is something that goes away and does not return.

Dedicating time to something or someone, symbolizes how much we care, that is why if you give a present to your little ones, make them see the effort that it represented to get that gift, more than what it cost, monetarily speaking.

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The value of time

The same happens with the moments, each day should be a precious memory , these will remain in your memory as part of your childhood. The moments lived as a family, with affection and a lot of love are invaluable. On the other hand, if they get used to always getting what they want, without making an effort or having earned it, you will be creating an insatiable monster, who will want more and more and will not take seriously the value and importance of getting everything .

It is a lesson that everyone must learn, and it is better to do it as children, it will be easier and it will avoid mishaps in the future. Rewarding good deeds, obedience, perseverance and dedication on a task is a good way to show them the way of ben and the true value of things. Otherwise you will be forming a spoiled man who may want to possess and obtain everything he wants without lifting a finger, just because he thinks he innately deserves it and that will make him ungrateful and lazy.

The objective is to reward the effort, to give meaning to earning things, through daily activities as simple as doing a task at home, such as helping to pick up their toys, setting the table among other small details that will change according to the age of the child.

This will reinforce the idea that getting something requires effort and if you do it you will get a reward, this will serve as an incentive, reminding you that this will always be the way to get what you want. You can even instill in him that you don’t have to buy everything to have value, making a small present by hand has much more value, such as a letter or a craft painted with his hands.

The value of things is nothing more than the value that we give ourselves, if we learn from a young age that this has to do with what something is really worth, we will have done well for the future of that child, since it will take into account the value of things to appreciate them, and not their price.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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