narcissistic sociopath is someone who has a combination of a narcissistic personality and sociopathic traits . Do you know if there could be someone like that in your life?

Previously people were distinguished as simply good or bad, however today there are all sorts of labels for different types of personalities, especially deviant ones, as we try to figure out why people act a certain way. One of the most worrisome personality types is the  narcissistic sociopath .

How to Identify a Sociopath

Sociopaths can be identified if they show any of the following characteristics:

Sociopathological behaviors

  • They have a superficial charm . They are shallow and engaging talkers who easily engage an audience and can sound like expert speakers.
  • They have very high self-esteem . They have a great opinion of themselves that leaves them sure of themselves and they look very arrogant, but they know how to show it in the right dose, to continue pleasing without falling into pedantic, in order to achieve their ends.
  • They get bored very easily . There is a constant need for risky behaviors that lead them to have more intense experiences than others and they cannot stay still for long.
  • They are pathological liars  . Lying is as natural to a sociopath as breathing. They can manipulate and use deception to achieve their goals, and even “turn the tables” on anyone who dares to expose them.
  • They are scammers . The objective of a sociopath is to obtain absolute power over his victim or his victims, in order to defraud or deceive someone for their personal gain (this is seen very often in cults, religions, schools, politics, communities etc. )
  • They have no regrets . A complete lack of concern or compassion for their victims with a tendency to be indifferent, cold, and dispassionate.
  • They have a superficial affection . Sociopaths have a very low range of feelings and are unable to empathize with others, as they cannot understand these emotions.
  • They are insensitive.  This lack of feeling towards other people allows them to act in an insensitive and cold way, and they themselves cannot realize that coldness, since it is natural for them, which does not give them any remorse.
  • They lead a parasitic lifestyle . Many sociopaths live off other people in a parasitic way, through forms of manipulation or exploitation, and this can be at massive levels or in large communities.
  • They do not accept responsibility for their own actions . A sociopath will always blame others for their situation and responsibility, and pretending to make them see reason is the same as declaring war.

These are just a few of the behavioral characteristics associated with a sociopath. So what happens if you add a narcissistic personality in a typical sociopath?

Narcissists can be identified if they have any of the following characteristics:

Behavior of a narcissist

  • They feel a great sense of self-importance . The narcissist will exaggerate any small achievement, or will lie and deceive to appear superior or that he has a faculty that makes him special and with different capacities from the rest.
  • You have fantasies of being famous or well known . Everything in the world of a narcissist will be his fantasies of success, power or fame, and he is capable of anything to achieve it, he even comes to believe it in such a way that he shares it with everyone without realizing that others will realize the ridiculous lie.
  • They are convinced that they are unique and special . Only other people of equal rank as the narcissist can understand them thanks to their high status in life.
  • They require absolute devotion and admiration . Narcissists need a constant supply of praise, flattery, and attention, otherwise they will soon get bored with you and dismiss you.
  • They have a sense of entitlement . A narcissist does not have to do anything to feel that he has a claim on others or the rest. They demand special treatment simply because of who they are.
  • They cannot show empathy . They are completely unable to understand the feelings of others.

How can you identify a narcissistic sociopath?

A narcissistic sociopath will have a combination of a narcissistic personality and sociopathological behavioral traits.

Typically, a narcissistic sociopath will have a very high opinion of himself and will think that he is above any of the rules of society. They are not subject to the normal regulations that apply to the rest of us, as they consider, believe and are completely sure that they are “superior” beings.

Narcissism in the sociopath will make him believe that he is better than others . Sociopathy in the narcissist, in turn, will cause him to have a total lack of respect for others and will tend to violate these rights without compassion for his victims.

A troubling consequence of a sociopath who has narcissistic tendencies is that sociopaths generally don’t care if they are criticized by others, as they are not interested in other people’s opinions.

The narcissistic sociopath, however, will react aggressively to negative criticism  as the narcissist cannot tolerate any judgment about his behavior. This, together with the insensitivity and lack of remorse of a sociopath, makes this combination particularly worrisome both for a relationship with someone like this, and for a community, where narcissistic sociopaths often exercise this behavior.

More traits of a narcissistic sociopath

Here are ten other traits of a narcissistic sociopath to look out for:

  1. They change relationships very fast.
  2. They congratulate you over and over again.
  3. They flatter you while criticizing others.
  4. They have many broken relationships behind them.
  5. The conversation is always about them.
  6. They use impressive words that don’t make sense.
  7. They are charitable if it favors them.
  8. They will be angry for days and weeks.
  9. They will often mimic your behavior to get closer to you and gain some benefit.
  10. They can seduce very easily and only by having achieved what they wanted to show their true (and disgusting) face.

If you recognize any of the above traits and think you might be involved with a narcissistic sociopath, there are ways to break free from their influences:

  • You have the option of staying or leaving, you should never believe that these types of people will change, even if they often tell you or are falsely sorry.
  • Being cheated was not your fault, they have done it before and will do it again, and you have been a victim of that situation, not the accomplice or the culprit of their behaviors.
  • You have a future that can be full of love and happiness, you don’t have to throw your life away, it is up to you to stay away from these corrosive people.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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