There are several trends or hair styles, but today the most sophisticated in beauty salons is short hair. This one provides a fresh, youthful image and gives a carefree look, in addition, it can be fun since in a few seconds you can achieve a radical look change. We are going to see below which are the best options for a hairstyle for short hair , and how we can adapt it to the shape of our face.


If the decision to cut your hair is made, then it is important to know everything about short hair and different ways to style it, and take advantage of the diversity of hairstyles and haircuts that can be achieved.

Hairstyles for short hair

Having short hair means giving up the hairstyles that are often done with long hair , but it also does not mean that there are not a variety of beautiful and modern options for this type of hair. Whether long or short, hair is always difficult to manage but there are beauty products, tools and tricks that help style short hair and make it look good at all times . And not just that, if you have long hair, there are a variety of current new hairstyles that will make you look with a shorter mackerel. Just see the possibilities that new trends offer you below.

False Bob (for medium or long hair)


This is a look that has become the fashionable hairstyle to attend important events. With the false bob you can do all kinds of hairstyles on short hair, easy and fast . Excellent tool if you have medium or long hair and want it to look shorter. In this case, the hair is taken and a low ponytail is made so that it is moderately loose. Then the rest of the ponytail is taken to turn it down and then it is passed under the hair, so that it is hidden. With this the hair looks shorter but well attached. Depending on the taste, some strands can be left free, which fall on the sides of the face.

Inverted Bob (for medium or long hair)



An inverted bob is hair where the pieces at the end of the scalp are shorter than those at the front. This short hair hairstyle is similar to the previous one only in reverse. You should make a loose ponytail but instead of hiding it you have to turn it up to turn it over, in this way you get a twist in the mane. It is then fastened with ondulies that must be hidden inside it.

Braid for short hair


The braid can not only be done in a long hair but also in a short one and can be done in various styles. A woman with short hair can make a braid on the side , taking part of it and embroidering the face so that it only remains on that side. When the braid reaches below the ear it must be released so that it falls and takes shape.

This option may vary according to the taste of each one. You can continue weaving the braid around the head and leave it around the neck if your hair allows it. On the other side, the same operation is done, when reaching the same height, the two braids are joined with a rubber band and the remaining loop is turned, hiding it in the rest of the hair. You can know more easy hairstyles with braids .

Side locks


This is an easy way to style wavy or straight short hair and make it look spectacular. It is an option for those who are in a hurry and must run to get to work, appointment, etc. The look consists of taking a little hair on the sides until the height of the end of the eyebrows. Then it is carried back so that it can be held with a small clasp and can stand out. The idea is that the hair looks as loose as possible, giving a feeling of relaxed (relaxed).

Defined curls on short women’s hair


Curls on short wavy hair look trendy and give a smooth and fresh look, several famous actresses are proof of that. For this look it is necessary to divide the hair in half and form the curlers with the help of a curling iron. It is recommended to use a protective product so as not to damage the hair before using this tool. When the rollers are ready, a thick comb is gently passed over the head to create volume.

Benefits of short hair

Wearing short hair can bring several benefits in addition to being easy to handle and care for, but know in detail what these advantages are and how you can take advantage of them regardless of whether your hair has curls, is straight or has waves.

A new beginning

A makeover is always recommended to raise your spirits. You have to try different things without worries, the good thing about it is that the hair grows in a few months and you can decide again between leaving it short or letting it grow.

Less maintenance

Ideal for women who work and do not have enough space to get ready every morning. This type of look for short hair does not take much time as is the case with long hair. It only takes a few minutes to look different as usual.

Projects security

A woman with short hair, in addition to looking innovative, gives a sign of security because she trusts all her attributes, especially the characteristics of her face that are exposed by not having long hair.

Save money

With short hair you don’t have to spend so much in an aesthetic room. By keeping it at this size, hair products are used in less quantity which makes them last longer. Even the ideas of going to a beauty salon are reduced because it is easier to take care of the mane on its own.

It should be taken into account that each style of cut values ​​a certain area of ​​the face. A short hair can work for any face format, but you also have to know a woman’s biotype, the shape of the eyebrows, the length of the body, the thickness of the eyebrows, the height and even the weight.

These are some of the best tips to get a hairstyle for short hair appropriate to your images and the shape of your face, if you want to know more great hair ideas, you can see more information in the beauty section dedicated to hair.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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