If you want to show off some good semi-collected hairstyles you can get the best ideas in this note dedicated exclusively to hair and its semi-collected hairstyles for brides . They are styles of hairstyles with which you can look beautiful and arranged at all times and events, but they can also be done semi-elegant collected for brides or guests for a wedding.

Weddings are ceremonies that require a lot of planning, work and investment of money to have the dream event, especially by the bride and her family. Styling falls into the line of things that must be perfect and the style of hairstyles is one of the main ones, of course the future wife must look beautiful, simple but natural. All eyes will focus on her.

Semi-collected for brides and guests too

But guests should also strive to achieve an attention-grabbing appearance, without overshadowing the great queen of the party. Dresses should never go unnoticed, but neither should hairstyles and semi-updos are usually the most suitable hairstyles at  weddings . You have to know how to choose a look that is consistent with the time, day and reason for the ceremony.

Semi-gathered bows

The styles most sought after and preferred by many women are semi-collected bows , they are simple and are not complicated at all to make. They help to highlight all the features of the face and also, leave part of the hair or bangs loose if you like. Just go online to see the myriad of video tutorials showing users how to manage their hair to achieve the desired hairstyle. Another good option is the low collected , ideal for parties such as a wedding ceremony.

Looser hairstyles are ideal

Experts assure that simplicity should always prevail in both the suit and the hairstyle, because this is not how the times of the year in which the wedding is celebrated are defined. Wavy hair does not fit into this category at all. It is preferable to opt for looser hairs, carelessly but that look natural. Less is more is a premise that ideally applies in these cases.

Crowns, collected low and loose locks

If you are the bride, seek immediate advice with a trusted hairdresser or stylist, with whom you can define without impositions, what you want and what will look best on you. Leaving strands loose in the front and at the nape are good alternatives in wedding hairstyles . If you are going to use accessories such as crowns , they should also practice a lot in what way it will be placed so that it looks like it should be.

Precisely, it is important that during the planning of the wedding all aspects are taken into account, including the costumes, makeup and hairstyle that can be according to a semi-picked . Tests can be done to determine what is best. Always try to choose what really makes you feel comfortable, if you notice that what they propose does not suit you, then you have every right to reject it. It’s your wedding!

Recommendation for guests

Guests should consider the time and place where the reception will be held. Also the time of year. For example, if it is daytime in an open space, it is not appropriate to go with dresses with train, sequins and scarves. Although elegance must prevail, it is not advisable to wear very pronounced necklines or very short dresses, so as not to divert the attention that the couple who got married must have.

Makeup and other details

The makeup should be light, especially if it is outdoors. Heat can wreak havoc on your face. Opt for light colors, which highlight the lips with more intense tones. Pay attention to the recommendations of those who know, but also make your opinion count.

Semi-collected hairstyles to inspire you

There are many options of hairstyles when we talk about a natural code for the hair, for example a look that is usually seen at weddings, are the hairstyles with braids in the semi-collected ones , helping to wear the hair more loose and natural. Below you can see in this graphic several options of loose hairstyles.

Hairstyles to consider

By Dr. Eric Jackson

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