Whether you’re tired of doing the same boring and repetitive exercise, or you just want to look silly, running backwards , or retro-running, it’s a great way to do cardio, get fresh air, and improve your mood by getting your endorphins up .

How running backwards or retrorunning helps in your exercises

And unlike jogging, running backwards is good on joints, will promote creativity, and will turn heads if that’s your thing.

Avoid the Plateau effect

Studies have found that after about six weeks, your body adjusts to your training schedule, making it harder to lose weight. This is called the “plateau effect”, because your gains and losses stabilize. Changing your exercise is an effective way to engage some new muscles, forcing your body to adjust again while avoiding plateau.

Burn more calories by running less

The running back or retrorunning , makes your heart beat faster improving your cardiovascular health in the short term. This is also ten times more effective at burning calories at walking speed, and six times more efficient at burning calories at jogging pace. This means that you can burn more calories in a shorter period. Running backwards will have you running fast running forward on your fitness goals.

Strengthen different muscles

Retronunning involves muscles that you do not work as much if you are a regular jogger. It is known for toning and strengthening the calves, shins, and quads. It is also great for supporting better posture that comes with a myriad of benefits.

Less impact on your joints

As stated above, running backwards relieves the impact on your joints . When you land on your heel while jogging, you are hitting the concrete. If you do the exercises repetitively, the vibrations that shoot up to the knee damage the joint. Running backwards does not have this problem because we land on our toes which provide a gradual impact. Our weight and kinetic energy slowly spread throughout the entire foot.

Think of driving a car, when it suddenly stops, the passengers jerk, and you damage the brakes. However, if you slow down to a stop, the passenger does not move, and the car remains intact.

In addition, this exercise makes you burn more calories per step. Like a car, running requires you to drive more miles to get to the same location.

Cognitive and psychological improvements

Routines restrict us from a flexible and open mind. These are crucial skills for coming up with new thoughts. Changing your routine makes you more creative

Routines can also stress us out as we struggle to meet the standards we have set for ourselves. This stress can make us have a fixation on completing the routine and damage the myelin that is necessary for our brain to function quickly and generate great ideas.

Therefore, this exercise that performs the running or jogging exercise in reverse, so to speak, changes your training routine to set a different standard for how you should do it. You won’t see exercise as a grueling morning chore. You can see your training as a period in which you can try things that excite you, a time interval to implement the new physical activity.

It’s more fun to do

Retrorunning is weird and different, and it can be a lot of fun to do. We also notice that time moves faster in moments of joy, making your training quick and painless.

It will make you better at sports and reflexes

If you or your child plays sports like soccer, tennis, or baseball, running backwards could be a valuable skill to master. A study in 2003 found that some repetition is good for learning motor skills and habits. Running backwards on the field, or shuffling on the court are vital skills to perfecting these sports. Running backwards as a cardio exercise provides the repetition to get used to these movements.

You will be more open minded

You might get some glances if you’re running down the main boulevard like this. However, being too used to social norms is not only uninteresting, it can also make you narrow-minded. Let’s open ourselves to new experiences and different ways of doing things, because as people look at you, they might start to reconsider which customs remain unquestioned.

Precautions when doing retrorunning

  • You could bump into people
  • Your shoes will wear out faster
  • Falls are likely
  • Don’t run with your head turned for too long

Running backwards is a weird and fun way to exercise without falling into monotony and routines. Just make sure you watch out for pedestrians, and you can reach your fitness goals. The definitive finish line.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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