The properties that green tea contains can help you lose weight, however it is necessary that you understand in depth how it can be beneficial within a strategic diet plan.

In addition to the well-known health benefits of green tea, it has become very popular around the world as green tea is highly recommended for weight loss . This is how it has been adding followers, who seek to lose kilos with a more than healthy drink.

Green tea for weight loss

Green tea has become very popular throughout the world due to its great antioxidant capabilities , among others. But it is also true that several are inclined for it because green tea would be a good option for weight loss .

How Green Tea Works For Weight Loss

While there is no research that can fully state this, it is believed that green tea for weight loss works effectively. In fact, there are studies that have shown that people who drank it several times a day, increased their energy expenditure by a significant percentage, without accelerating their heart rate.

One of them, carried out at the University Hospital of Tainan, Taiwan, determined that green tea is a good thermogenesis agent, since of those people who had been consuming green tea for a long period of time, a reduction in the percentage was detected 19.6 percent fat and 2.1 percent reduction in localized fat around the waist.

There are also many people who follow the popular green tea diet . It basically consists of carrying out a hypocaloric diet , to which three cups of the drink are incorporated a day, consuming one after each meal (but always waiting at least half an hour to prevent iron from being absorbed well from food). In this way, the benefits of green tea for weight loss are added to the effects of the diet.

3 properties of green tea to lose weight

Among the main properties of green tea to aid in weight loss, we can find these three most important characteristics:

It is a thermogenesis agent

This basically means that green tea has fat burning capabilities . It naturally helps to expend more energy and this results in weight loss. Just by consuming this tea, you will already have a higher energy consumption of your body.

Speeds up metabolism

The polyphenols (antioxidant substances) found in green tea would have an interesting accelerating effect on metabolism . This would help the digestive enzymes work better and, above all, more quickly, achieving the well-known slimming effect that green tea has.

It is diuretic

Like any other substance with these capacities, the consumption of green tea helps to improve diuresis. In this way, not only is the body purified of accumulated toxins, but it also helps to reduce swelling and expel retained fluids.

How to use green tea to lose weight and obtain these properties?

  1. If what you want is to use it as a thermogenesis agent , especially for sports training and related issues, perhaps taking it as a dietary supplement, through capsules, tablets or extracts, is the best way.
  2. If instead what you want is to obtain its metabolic benefits , the format is indistinct. For that it is enough that you consume it in infusion or in other modalities. The most important thing is to be regular and do it daily.
  3. If you intend to enjoy its diuretic benefits , it is best to take it as an infusion, thus purifying the urinary tract and eliminating the retained liquid, although you also incorporate it through drink.

The green tea diet

With this infusion we will be able to stimulate the burning of fats to begin weight reduction.

The green tea is considered by its properties to make people lose weight. The green tea diet is very simple to do and does not require great sacrifices. It stimulates the combustion of fats and makes their absorption difficult, therefore there are not many limitations when it comes to eating.

The green tea diet consists of drinking a cup of the tea daily, before or after each of the main meals. All this taking into consideration the intake of healthy foods, avoiding as much as possible fried foods or excess fats, sweets and junk foods; increasing on the contrary fruits, vegetables and legumes.

Drinking more tea does not help you lose weight faster . What you should do is drink enough water between meals and do some physical activity to tone your muscles and perceive the effects of weight loss more quickly.

How to follow this diet correctly

The correct way to ingest the three daily cups of green tea is as follows:

  • First cup: on an empty stomach, as hot as possible and with the juice of a lemon.
  • Second cup: 20 minutes after eating, unsweetened and trying not to ingest anything after drinking the tea.
  • Third cup: after dinner and before going to bed. Try to have dinner an hour and a half before bed to give enough time for the digestive process and to rest properly.

You can do the green tea diet until you see positive results in the body.  A diet proposal can be the following:

  • Fast: glass of hot unsweetened green tea. Do not eat for the next 30 minutes.
  • Breakfast : cup of milk with cereal, or whole wheat toast with vegetables and skim cheese. Fruits are preferably eaten in snacks.
  • Food: Dish cooked with salad of various vegetables. Drink only one cup of warm water or unsweetened vegetable juice.
  • Between meals : half an hour after eating, drink a cup of unsweetened green tea with lemon.
  • Dinner : sandwich, whole wheat pizza or salad with olive oil.
  • Before sleeping : a cup of hot green tea.
Dr. Eric Jackson

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses. He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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