The thoughts and feelings we have when we see ourselves reflected in the mirror can affect the way we relate to ourselves and even to others. This syndrome, known as ” the mirror syndrome ” happens more often than is considered, and may be affecting your self-esteem without you even realizing it.

The habit of looking at ourselves and analyzing ourselves in front of the mirror reflects our need to learn about our body and analyze any supposed physical defects that we detect, before others find them.

What is mirror syndrome

The syndrome mirror refers to an obsession with our reflection and a tendency to distort it in our minds until we see defects or magnify we believe we have. It could be said that this object that we have in the bedroom, the bathroom, or anywhere in our house, is the mediator in a relationship.

In most cases, the relationship formed by a “person and his image” is very different. It can transform into an unhealthy relationship full of problems, sufferings, difficulties, worries, fights, etc.

As happens when you live with someone, we have to learn to live daily with our body and especially with what we see in the mirror, which is nothing more than a projection that we make ourselves, and that most of the time, image we see depends on how we feel emotionally.

We do not really have potions or spells to make us happy, the fountain of youth does not exist, but there is the ability to love ourselves as we are and above all, to accept ourselves, regardless of age, pounds or wrinkles.

The mirror syndrome becomes a pathological tendency when it originates in cases of eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, this type of disorder is seen with great constancy in adolescents, mainly in the female sex.

How can I overcome mirror disorder?

First of all, prejudices must be removed, the exercise of self-criticism will help you reverse certain prejudices that must be eradicated, on the other hand, you should not compare yourself with others, even if it is part of our nature, the fact of buying reduces value own to what each one has. Although it is very difficult, we must understand that we are all different in terms of our bodies and personalities.

Those judgments and criticisms we make about being fatter, slimmer, taller, shorter, prettier, uglier… they are just arbitrary evaluations. The style is always changing and the standards of beauty too. And if not, take a look at paintings from three centuries ago.

Each of us is beautiful in our own particular way, we are unique and irreplaceable. This does not mean that we should be narcissistic and admire our reflection all the time, above everything and everyone else, showing how good and beautiful we are, but that we must learn to love and accept ourselves as we really are.

On the other hand, it is vital to start laughing at yourself, at our mistakes and what we don’t like. A touch of humor will ease our lives and improve the relationship we have with our body and with others as well.

Become your accomplice

It is also essential to become our best friends and accomplices. What does this mean? Don’t prejudge the image you see in the mirror. If you’re in a good mood, happy and satisfied, do you really care about the size of your hips, belly or nose?

As a key measure, we must love ourselves so that later we can love others, and they can love us. If we do not respect each other, no one will, or rather we will end up finding the ideal person who disrespects us.

The only person you have permission to compare yourself to is yourself and not someone else. You can analyze the way you were yesterday with the way you have today, but not criticize yourself, because these kinds of judgments are the ones that silently clip your wings.

The body is a representation of our health, what matters is how healthy we look. Beyond what has to do with health, we should not worry about our appearance in an exaggerated way. The perception that we manage to have of ourselves can be as variable as our moods are, so do not worry if one day you look spectacular and the next you think you are someone very ugly, that happens to all of us but we must learn to Let go of those perceptions.

The moment we accept ourselves exactly as we are, we will have the ability to laugh at ourselves and at our mistakes and errors, without worrying about the reflection in the mirror; Which is when we are truly balanced and happy people.

When we can laugh at ourselves, then we have the ability to do it with others, and we can begin the path of true vision, which consists of actually seeing who is in front of us when we see ourselves in the mirror.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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