This medicinal drink is very beneficial for women, as it can help reduce cellulite, reduce weight, and achieve brighter, healthier-looking skin.


The essential component of this medicinal drink is flax seeds , they have minerals and vitamins, they are also composed of fiber and essential fatty acids, which can help the functioning of the intestine. Flaxseeds can help the body purify toxins and eliminate them, as well as being a natural remedy to eliminate parasites .

Flax seeds benefits

They help in reducing the appetite with which it is possible to maintain weight without exceeding the intake of food, they can also help to keep blood sugar at optimal levels. They can clean the intestine which improves the absorption of some nutrients. The fatty acids they contain promote fat burning.

Now you can better understand why flax seed is great for those trying to lose weight, helping to shed pounds and maintain normal body weight.

How it helps treat cellulite

Flax seeds are a great food to fight cellulite because they help stimulate collagen, which strengthens the skin and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Enjoying a couple of tablespoons of flaxseeds daily in yogurt, smoothies and salads can help strengthen and soften the skin from the inside, and with this medicinal drink you will find the most concentrated benefits to reduce cellulite .

Medicinal drink to reduce cellulite

The infusion or tea of ​​flax seeds, which is the basis of this medicinal drink, is the best way to take advantage of the benefits of this seed. It can help you lose weight without starving. In addition to all this, flax seeds are ideal for people who suffered from some type of surgery, or who suffer from a problem such as gastritis or heartburn, stomach ulcers, cystitis and hemorrhoids.


How to make this healthy drink


  • 3 tablespoons flax seeds
  • 1 liter boiling water


Add 3 tablespoons of flaxseed to a liter of boiling water. It’s best if you do this at night, so the mixture can be left to sit overnight. A thermos works great to get the mixture to sit, but if you don’t have one, use any kind of a container with a lid, of course. Tension in the morning. You should get a thick liquid.

How to consume it

You can have 3 glasses a day, half an hour before meals. Always do it in the evening so you can drink it during the day. And yes, always fresh. Drink flax seed tea for 10 days, and then take a 10-day break. Repeat the treatment until your condition improves.


  1. The use of this medicinal drink with flax seeds will help you maintain the ideal weight . In order to achieve better results, it is recommended to consume water in optimal quantities.
  2. Consuming this medicinal drink will help you achieve glowing skin and a cleaner complexion. You will get a smoother and healthier skin, getting a firmer skin.
  3. These homemade preparations are provided for informational purposes, it is ideal that before using them you can assess your general health.
  4. In order to reduce cellulite, it is ideal that you follow a series of good habits and a diet according to your needs, since although this drink can help the skin, it cannot repair the damage that is not avoided with diet and good care.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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