It is an excellent idea to wear some of the different low collected as the hairstyle for a wedding and we will tell you why. In addition to being a hairstyle that differs from wedding guest hairstyles and can look perfect in any season.

Ideas for low updos

If you are wondering if putting your hair up would be a good idea, you should know that high and medium updos can be replaced by a low bun hairstyle. The collected hairstyle can give you an elegant and distinctive style, and you can also find a wide variety of styles, such as those collected with braids , the low ballerina bun that adapts very well to the wider type of face, although it can also be worn on a more refined face.

This type of hairstyle is very simple and simple to do, however it does not lose glamor, it can also be incorporated into a casual or more elegant style too. Ideal for chic brides, with a vintage or glamorous look, low bows can be adapted to any look.

In the following gallery you can find the low trend collected in this 2016 for both brides and wedding guests, you can also know some extra tips if your idea is to wear a looser hairstyle, following the examples of these wedding hairstyles .

Photo gallery of low updos for brides

This is an easy hairstyle that only needs an elastic band to get the shape of a low updo, simple but without losing the glamor.

Low collected with braids

An easy and quick hairstyle to do, without losing the elegance, is about joining two simple braids and linking them in the low ponytail.

Novel low collected hairstyle that involves a braiding that ends in a beautiful sophisticated hairstyle and at the same time simple. It is based on very thin pigtails that are made while you are weaving them. check the picture for details.

Low bun

A very elegant updo, ideal for brides and easy to do. It consists of making a ponytail that you will in turn roll up. While you do them, you leave two strands of hair on the sides that you will later style around the low bun.

This low updo is very simple and fast. It is simple and sophisticated at the same time. Just make a mid-length ponytail, leaving strands of hair on the side. Once the ponytail is made, you pick it up as shown in the image. The side locks will add the final sophistication to this low updo that is an excellent hairstyle for brides.

Low braids

Updo hairstyle ideal for a medium haircut, based on the realization of three braids collected and held tightly with pins. You can decorate with flowers or a comb with stones or simply leave this gathered low as it is.

This hair updo takes minutes. It is a hairstyle that requires a long mane. Only make two braids that you will tie as many times as you can, holding them firmly at the end with pins.

Hairstyle with low buns

A hairstyle for a bride or hairstyle for any event where you want to look elegant and sophisticated. It consists of separating two strands of hair and each one winding it from the forehead to the ends of the hair. Twisting each strand at the end, roll up to hold tight as shown in the picture.

This hairstyle is another of the simple low collected for parties. Which look elegant with a simplicity and sophistication. If you are a bride, it is beautiful to decorate with a crown or flowers. It’s simple and the braid gives it a romantic motif. Follow the steps as the picture shows.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

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