The more people we consult on a topic, the more opinions we will get. We must accept  that each one has their own opinion and points of view on life . People with similar views become friends, while those who disagree become opponents. In the supposed case, if we all agreed on everything, life would be simply boring .

However, we are often not in a position to reconcile ourselves with external points of view, considering that they are deliberately false. We persist and try to convince everyone of what seems right to us , but this, of course, causes discontent.

You cannot blame a man just for the fact that he is used to smoking. You are comfortable behind this habit and you do not intend to get rid of it. We can certainly exhort you with all the negative information about it or scary photos of burned lungs.

But do you really think the smoker will take your attempts seriously? You may just have made her come to the conclusion that she needs to communicate less with you. These types of reactions are usually repeated in different situations in life with incredible periodicity.

It is normal for everyone to have a different point of view

When we start to analyze, we will see that the sense of fun varies according to each person. Those people who do not share our same perception of fun are not boring. It could happen that the things that really amuse others do not seem funny to us, then we would be the boring ones. Ultimately it is a matter of perception.

We can express our opinions with all the freedom and the right that corresponds to us. But we should not expect that whoever listens to us will jump for joy and start a new life tomorrow, following our advice. If this happens, then this leads to a logical conclusion: who we have persuaded is not yet a mature person or is someone who can be easily manipulated.

The most surprising thing is that sometimes common opinions not only teach us something new, but also change our lives. Tell me: how do you definitely feel about surrogate mothers? Do you approve it, do you condemn it? Some will say that they help a woman who is unable to have a child due to some illness to experience the joy of motherhood.

In this case the opinion treats them very positively. On the other hand, a surrogate mother may be the last chance to change another woman’s life. But the fact is that many people disagree with this type of endorsement.

Not accepting different opinions threatens relationships

When we are in love, we are so childishly admired with the qualities of our partner, but then, after a certain time, we begin to compare who we love with ourselves, find out about him or his defects and seek to correct them.

If our partner has a weak personality, he may have a tendency to accommodate us, or else, he begins to be stubborn and rejects us. In the first case we have a weak appearance of a person who, after reaching our final goal, which was to change the way he was, we see that it no longer suits us. Or we face a defensive backlash from our partner, stubbornness, double-down, swear, fight, and eventually we part ways.

Now, on the path of correction, every day I repeat the phrase: ” Each of us is individual and if I try to change it, I will get an exact copy of myself .” Trust me, after this, any desire to inspire someone to change their mind disappears.

We must respect the difference of the other, know how to give space to what is different and not try to convert what we are into everything we see.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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