The rivers of Europe are among the most visited tourist routes and are part of the most beautiful landscapes and with history of old Europe, then we invite you to take a tour of these charming rivers that cross adorable landscapes.

The rivers of Europe that you should know

The old continent has several hydrographic shows for its visitors and inhabitants to enjoy and remember forever, some of the most beautiful rivers in the world are concerned with wetting the lands of the ancient empires, where the Romans, Greeks, Helvetians, Byzantines and many others civilizations, were established from the earliest days of mankind. These are some of the most beautiful rivers in Europe .

The Tagus River

Its source is in Albarracín, Spain, it crosses the entire Iberian Peninsula and walks through the cities like a gigantic water snake that bathes the towns, traveling through Aragon, Castilla de la Mancha and the province of Madrid, it can be seen in a of its most intricate and spectacular waterfalls, from the historic city ​​of Toledo , but you can see in the distance how its channels are impetuous over the center of Aranjuez and then they continue their unstoppable march that also runs through Cuenca and Cáceres, and then enter Castelo Branco and Porto Alegre, and then end in Lisbon.

Several national parks in Spain are part of its route, navigable in most of its flows, especially in the reservoirs of Alcántara and in the city of Aranjuez , where tourist canoeing is practiced.

Elbe River, Germany

It is one of the most abundant flows of the old continent, with its source in Bohemia, crossing the imposing cities of Dresden and Magdeburg , to finish its displacement in the North Sea, near Hamburg, of which it is the main commercial port. .

Its navigable waters attract hundreds of adventurous tourists who dare to navigate its canals in small rafts and go canoeing .


Crowned by the Torre del Oro at one end of the city of Seville, in the province of Andalusia . On the other, adorned by the Spanish space launch base and on the shores of the entire city of bulls, is the most navigable river in the province , which is traveled on a tourist cruise that lasts approximately a couple of hours.


Its source is located about 1400 meters above sea level, in the so-called Cañada de las Fuentes, right in the Sierra de Cazorla, to travel through Andalusia, Seville, Jaén, Córdoba, Huelva and Cádiz, dropping its sweet waters on the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, in San Luca de Barrameda .

The Blue Danube

It is undoubtedly the most emblematic river in all of Europe , surpassed only by the Volga and not for the hierarchy and majesty of its African brothers (Tigris and Euphrates), in addition to resembling the historic Nile and the Amazonian kings Orinoco and Amazonas, it would be the most important of all, but that does not mean it stops being one of the most beautiful. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and recognized rivers in Europe.

Native to the Black Forest of Germany, where the Brigach and the Breg meet, it spans the length and breadth of several major cities of greater Europe until it falls into the Black Sea, Romania.

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