If you suffer from migraines on a regular basis, you may already have a list of causes against which to take precautions. But migraines can be caused by all sorts of different factors, even food. Different types of foods that trigger migraines can be known due to their composition.

“People with headaches and migraines have more dietary options than ever. Ultimately, a healthy headache diet excludes processed foods, minimizes caffeine, and includes lots of fruits, vegetables, fish, and lean meats. After all, you are what you eat. ” Vincent Martin, MD, a professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the University of Cincinnati (UC) School of Medicine.

Avoid these foods if you have a migraine

Sometimes even food that is often encouraged for a healthy lifestyle can trigger someone’s migraine. A migraine can sometimes be difficult to avoid, but having the information on what types of foods you can and cannot keep is a good starting point. However, we are all different, so keep track of what you eat when a migraine occurs.

1. Alcohol and red wines

Alcohol of any kind can trigger a migraine. After all, alcohol can give headaches to people who don’t get migraines regularly. However, the most common type of alcohol that is often the cause of migraines are dark spirits and red wines. Alcohol contains high levels of the amino acid tyramine , which is a known cause of headaches.

Alcohol also causes dehydration, so it is recommended that you drink water all night when you go to drink to avoid a hangover. But dehydration is another trigger for migraines. If you find that you often get migraines after having a glass or two of wine, you may want to cut it out of your diet entirely.


2. Avoid chocolate if you suffer from migraine

As delicious and varied as it is, chocolate is also another culprit on the list of foods known to trigger migraines. Chocolate contains tyramine, which is a known cause of many migraines. Chocolate cravings often occur during a time of hormonal changes in women, such as during their menstrual cycle.

With the body already out of balance, the introduction of high levels of thymine can trigger a migraine. If you notice that your migraines are more frequent when you crave chocolate, you may need to find a substitute or eliminate it from your diet.

3. Artificial sweeteners

There has already been a great deal of pressure against artificial sweeteners in recent years, and this could be another. The Aspartame is the name of an artificial sweetener widely used, and is often found in low – calorie desserts and diet sodas. It is also sold as a replacement for sugar.

Unfortunately, this artificial sweetener is known to trigger migraines. It’s best to skip the artificial sweeteners entirely. They are not as slimming as you may think, and they can also be responsible for triggering a painful migraine episode. Forget about sweeteners, and go for something real if you’re craving something sweet.

4. Fast food

Everyone loves fast food, for example hamburgers with their fries. Unfortunately, even your favorite fast food could be a cause of migraines. MSG, sulfites, and nitrates are food additives that are used to increase the shelf life of foods, which are often used in fast food restaurants to keep their food fresh and delicious.

However, this may be taking its toll if you suffer from a migraine . These particular additives are known to trigger migraines. Many different types of seasonings can also contain a high level of these same additives, so be careful where you buy your fast foods.

5. Salty foods

Along with fast food, foods that contain high levels of salt are also known to be to blame for debilitating migraines. Sodium is a mineral that our bodies need to keep up. Unfortunately, we are often getting much more than we need due to the amount of sodium that is put into prepackaged foods.

Higher-than-necessary sodium levels often work hand-in-hand with food additives, making eating those types of foods trigger migraines. Keep an eye on the labels on your quick snacks and make sure you’re not getting more sodium than you need.

We are all different, but these types of foods are known to trigger migraines in many people. If they work for you, great! If not, you might want to think about changing your diet to avoid a migraine. Keep an eye on everything you eat and whether those types of foods tend to trigger a migraine.

There are many variations in foods, and some ingredients are harmless between people. The variance in migraine-triggering foods is wide, so be sure to do what works best for you if you have a migraine .

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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