Knowing how to use makeup base correctly means that you will not have a face with unbalanced tones, with diffusions that look more like skin cuts or that you will avoid a displeasure in the eyes of others. The foundation is considered natural when it is not forced and gives a plus to the contour of the face.

For most women, one of the most common headaches when applying makeup is the application of makeup base , either due to not knowing how to choose the right shade or not knowing how to apply it . This is a fairly common problem, but nothing to worry about, as by following the proper steps you can easily learn how to use this product, and it is the key to giving your skin a natural and healthier tone .

How to use the foundation

There are hundreds of products that offer to give a perfect makeup base , the truth is that it does not depend on the product itself, but rather, on a suitable choice. Among the diversity of bases, you can find fluid, powder, cream, compact, among others. Even so, the technique does not vary according to its consistency, its objective must be the perfect blurring of makeup with the face.

So what is the perfect base?

In a forceful way that can be seen invisibly on the face, but also unifies showing perfect skin in both natural and artificial light environments. It is for this reason that it is recommended to test the product on the side of the face, not on the hands or forearms. With the tests you can discover which one is ideal for your skin and that when applied it is almost non-existent at eye level.

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Try not to make the mistake of buying a makeup 1 or 2 shades darker than your skin , as you will be close to showing off a more artificial face. To obtain a face with stronger tones, you can choose bronzing powders that give a light touch of gold that will be good for the skin. On the other hand, if you are looking for the makeup base to last all day , then apply a mineral powder on top of the base, the result is the prospect of a very sophisticated matte skin .


How to apply makeup base

When you have already chosen the right product, it will be time to apply it. This is another important part of the process; improper technique can spoil even the best beauty product. Initially, you should have an easy-to-use drill or sponge on hand for the rest of the process.

To begin, try not to apply excess product , it is recommended that you blend it in the following regions of the face: base on the forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose . In the case of the nose, it starts from the base towards the outside. Try not to apply makeup base on the eyelids, this only makes them greasy.

If the intention is to apply a base so that the shadow in the eyes lasts longer , the best option is the application of a base shadow or a product that is ideal for this part of the face, which is generally more sensitive. In the same way, be careful not to apply excessive amounts of base on pimples , imperfections or scars, with the passing of the minutes you will only make them more noticeable. To hide these skin alterations, an appropriate concealer is required so that they are not seen and the embarrassing smudges are avoided.

Taking care of the details

To improve the health of your skin, it is necessary to use a facial cleanser , with this you will achieve that the makeup base looks perfect.

If after applying the makeup base you notice that there are some excesses, remove it using a new sponge or a long brush, with great care in each part, the last thing you want is to eliminate more and have to start over. It is normal that at the beginning the techniques are difficult, but in practice there is perfection.


Tips for the correct use of makeup base

  • Should you use the same texture in winter and summer? In this specific case, the texture should not change, but the amount and color of makeup applied should. In summer the skin tends to tan more, here the lighter bases apply perfectly . In winter they can continue to be used but with less quantity and adding some dark tones.
  • The texture according to the hours of the day: a fine texture is recommended for the morning , it is ideal for young skin that does not present alterations. They can be compact, liquid or moisturizing. Its matte effect is subtle. For the afternoon you can use an intermediate texture, they are a bit more covering and work well for faces that reveal some wrinkles . The strongest is the coarse texture, can cover noticeable imperfections and is generally used at night.

Tips for a well-laid foundation

  • Suitable tone : As its name indicates, this product is the base of all makeup, so the first thing to do is choose the right tone , there are many who tend to try it on the hand, which is the main mistake To know which color is the most suitable for you, you must try it directly on your face, in this way you will be able to know with certainty which is the most suitable.
  • Presentations of the makeup base : In the market there are many presentations of this product, some come in cream, others in bars and even in spray , that is why many times it becomes tedious to choose one that is of good quality, the best that You can do is try each of the versions, that is, it is not a matter of buying one of each type but of determining in the same store with which you would feel more comfortable, for this you can request the help of a makeup consultant.
  • The importance of the correct application of the base : When applying it, you must find the most suitable or comfortable tool for you, for this there are sponges and brushes, but without a doubt the best alternative is to use your own fingers, this will allow you to blur it. better or you can even do a combination, for example, start applying with a sponge and finish sealing with your fingers.
  • When to apply it : It is very important to keep in mind that the makeup base must be applied once the face is hydrated and perfectly clean, so that before applying makeup, you should wash your face with plenty of water and then apply a moisturizer, it is best to wait around five minutes to start applying the foundation.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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