If you want to get hundreds of more roses just by having a few at home, with this trick you will get it. Roses are one of the flowers that we all consider the most beautiful and can decorate any environment in the home, regardless of the color of the rose we choose.

It is considered that the rose is a very difficult flower to plant, but quite the contrary, using the stem of a rose you can get many more roses, making its reproduction endless. This is a very easy job to do and can be done by anyone with or without experience in gardening, just follow a few steps that we will mention below and you will be able to propagate roses in your garden without difficulties.

Learn how to plant roses quickly and easily

Next we will show you how to have a beautiful rose bush in your garden and you will only need to have some stems and follow the steps listed below.

First step

First we will need to find the ideal place where we will have our rose bush, and later we will have to dig a ditch approximately 15 centimeters deep, which we will fill with sand. To choose the right place, we will give you these tips:

  1. Roses should not be put too close
  2. Neither put near the wall or under a tree

Roses need space, sun and air, and preferably the morning sun is the one that benefits them the most so that they grow leafy.

Second step

In case of not having roses, the idea is to get someone to give us some stems or cuttings of roses, which we will use to propagate them endlessly and make our garden very lush. The important thing is that these stems are approximately 20 to 25 centimeters long.

Third step

This is a very simple step, it is about cleaning the stems, removing leaves and impurities that they may have to have them ready for regeneration.

Fourth step

The next step is to nail our rose cuttings or stems in the sand leaving a distance between them, we must press the sand well so that they can be well fixed to the ground.

Fifth step

When the stems have been fixed, we will have to cover them with fertilized soil and press it well with our feet so that it is well compact.

Another alternative is that the stems are first stuck in a potato, later they are planted with the potato and covered with soil, some gardeners recommend it for better growth.

Dr. Eric Jackson

By Dr. Eric Jackson

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