How to distinguish a good person can seem complicated, especially since today it is more common to see bad gestures or hear bad news. However, this does not mean that there are not good people who cheer you up today and there are some ways that allow you to easily distinguish them.

Who are good people?

A good person is one who is honest and sincere, trying to work for the global welfare and do good. Not only is he a person who avoids doing bad things, but he is also interested in helping others.

Is being good to be stupid?

Without a doubt a good question, and that is that popular tradition says that being good is synonymous with being stupid . Being at the disinterested disposition of others, is for many something silly but in reality it is not like that. Each person’s values ​​are different and those who do not have reinforced values ​​may think that doing something good without self-interest is silly, when it is not.

In addition to this, a good person does not mean that they should be weak, insecure, dependent or have less intellectual abilities, this is a wrong belief, since people who tend to do evil can be seen as cunning and intelligent, but actually being cunning is not always linked to emotional intelligence, and most people harmed with evil lack emotional intelligence, not so those who practice good and project good into their lives and those of others. The emotional intelligence of good people makes them smarter in general than people with bad guts.

If you want something good, look for it in yourself. – Epictetus –

How to distinguish a good person

1. The first thing that is necessary is to be realistic, that is, those good people also have defects , some changes of mood or difficult situations that make it difficult and influence to act in the aforementioned way, so we must know how to distinguish their true intentions beyond certain behaviors or reactions.

2. Kindness is a quality of those with a good heart, it is a quality that defines those who have a good heart. They are usually generous people, who even anticipate your needs to offer you help without your asking.

3. Good people do not have double intentions, that is, they show themselves as they are, being in their company generates a feeling of well-being and trust (it is important to note that people with bad intentions can also camouflage themselves very well and make us feel good In order to gain ground, you must pay attention if you perceive something that might make you suspect a double face).

4. A person with good intentions knows how to respect the living space and offers his company on the path of life. He knows how to accept other people as they are (at least he tries and shows no resistance) and helps others to grow personally.

5. It is not about thinking that there are no moments of tension, however, good people know how to forgive as well as ask for forgiveness . The goodness that characterizes them makes even the proudest ones accept their own mistakes, they are responsible people who accept and propose a change.

6. Every good person leaves his positive seed in the world, acting in a disinterested way for the rest of the people and living outside the norms is something that characterizes them. It is common to observe critical thinking in them and they do not allow themselves to be carried away by individualism, as well as they are not influenced by negative people, they know how to keep their space and leave others calm in theirs.

It’s easy to be good; the difficult thing is to be fair. – Victor Hugo –

Good people can be found anywhere, and they can be easily distinguished based on inner intuition, although this alone is not enough, since recognizing the intentions and personality of another person is a more complex job, which takes time, and above all, to see the two sides of the coin, or what is better, the two sides of a person, the one that is for others, and the one that he has for himself.

Key points to distinguish a good person

Reinforcing the aforementioned a bit, some key points are pointed out about how to know how to distinguish a good person:

– She is the one who does not expect bad things from others, because she would not do them either.
– It is not part of criticizing other people. If you have something to say, try to emphasize sincerity directly and assertively.
– Take advantage of the triumphs of others to rejoice and offer their support.

– Take advantage of your time and energy to invest in other people who have similar values ​​and skills.
– You do not make a value judgment without first knowing, that is, people you have not yet had the good fortune to meet. Everyone can be a good person until they prove otherwise.

– Negative experiences are not enough to soak those of the future, this does not mean that you will stumble twice on the same stone.
– Simply learn to forgive and to move on in search of greater learning.
– Show selective empathy. You may not wear out your emotions so sometimes it is not your business.

– He knows how to highlight his own aptitudes without the need to belittle or sink other people.
– Personalize good comments about people, that is, know how to look at good values ​​and highlight them.
– These people practice NO, because being servile does not mean that they are helpful, it is not necessary to submit to please others.

Finally, it is important to know how to differentiate good people from people with bad intentions, but it is also necessary to differentiate good people from people who lack initiative, who have no character or have a submissive personality, since one thing is not it has to do with the other.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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