Decorating living rooms can be a complex task, but when you are clear about the type of design and decorating style, it can be much easier to plan. Both the furniture, dining tables, sofa, along with other objects can make your living room look like the best vintage style and without the need to invest a lot of money.

The vintage style is very fashionable and today there are many houses that are decorated with chandeliers, leather armchairs, antique wooden furniture or walls painted in light colors.

The living room is the most public place in our home , it is the part that is always in view and that we use to receive any visitor. Therefore, we have to pay more attention to its decoration than to any other part of our house. If you are interested in the subject, then we are going to show you some tips to make your living room look totally vintage.

How to start decorating a vintage-style living room

If you do not know where to start, you can choose those furniture and decorative elements that make you evoke a specific decade and help you recreate that environment, such as old suitcases or vases, electrical appliances from the 50’s could be too. Of great help to get a vintage decoration is the wallpaper, which brings us closer to the decades of the 50s and 60s in an easy and economical way.

Furniture in the vintage atmosphere and its accessories

Furniture will be one of the main elements to achieve a vintage atmosphere in our living room. We have to be very careful and take our time to choose each of the pieces, because although the perfect combination between them produces real magic, a single mistake can ruin everything.

Types of furniture and accessories

It is very important that before starting to decorate we are very clear about the type of furniture and accessories that are characteristic of vintage style. These are pieces that, although they are very old, do not fall into the category of antiques. To get an idea, a piece of furniture with a design from the 50s or 60s is currently considered vintage , while an 18th century desk is an antique.

The look and color of vintage furniture

Some pieces of furniture present an appearance not only old without also something neglected, but always with a lot of elegance and personality. White, pastel tones and wood are the most common in the vintage style , reinforced by retro paintings with aged frames, perfect to give a special touch to the whole.

Vintage style decoration

In the vintage style it is essential to pay attention to the small details and for this we have to acquire accessories that allow us to recreate the desired environment, as a kind of nostalgic and romantic look towards the past.

Objects used in vintage decorations

The old edition books with leather covers or the copper metallic pieces in brown and gold tones are perfect for our living room, as are the elements with simple and modernist decoration, which also fit in with the vintage style.

This decoration stands out for bringing together elements from different decades in apparent carelessness, but in reality they follow a very specific order to create a feeling of naturalness and harmony.

Colors in vintage decor

The base color for the walls of our living room will be white , better if it is dirty or broken white, to which we can add shades in pastel tones or bright colors . An indisputable hallmark of this style is the pattern , so we should not rule out wallpapering our walls with a beautiful geometric or floral design.

If we want to go one step further, we can substitute paper for fabric, it is the most chic of the moment when it comes to vintage decoration.

A vintage and more “retro” home

To achieve an old style but that looks vintage , we need objects prepared with that old and used finish, but which is decorative, since otherwise the visual effect will not be the same. For example, old telephones, together with a book with yellow leaves on an old mahogany table, transports us to an era and that is the intention of this type of decoration, to provoke that retro but well thought out feeling.

The paintings also play a very important function when decorating the home, with them we can feel that we are transporting ourselves to the time of our grandparents or parents, aged frames with worn blue tones can be ideal for houses with vintage style .

Retro stylish ornaments

Another vintage idea is to add objects such as an old record player, which may or may not work, that decorates any part of the room, especially if it is accompanied by some old armchairs, a wooden leather lamp and rustic and worn ornaments , such as cars. , old toys and wall masks.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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