Purifying our body of external and internal toxins is a very important action to maintain an acceptable state of health. One of the protagonists to maintain this balance is the lymphatic system . Actions that counteract infections, alterations in the skin and other systems are derived from it.

There are different factors that affect the body in a negative way, the climate, an inadequate diet, for example, all this causes an overload of toxins that directly affect the liver (responsible for eliminating them). This is where the importance of actions such as drinking an avocado smoothie comes in to purify the lymphatic system .

The importance of the lymphatic system and its purification

To summarize in a concrete way the system in question, its most outstanding functions are presented:

  • The lymphatic system provides an insulating layer to combat and absorb all kinds of excess fluids, body wastes and fats. It also provides an increase in immunoglobulin, which is the main factor in the fight against various infections.
  • When the excess of toxins is too much, the lymphatic system becomes saturated causing inflammation that can cause serious problems to the spleen, pancreas, liver and the rest of the intestines.
  • When you suffer from long periods of anxiety, stress, and negative emotions the body will redo it. Chemically, it could be said that these lapses increase the secretion of cortisol (a steroid hormone that is released by stress) and of toxins that cannot be purified and together cause various problems.

Cleanse the lymphatic system with an avocado smoothie

Avocado is one of the natural foods that can be consumed frequently and does not cause any type of secondary damage. It is true that it contains a considerable concentration of calories and fatty acids, but due to the type of absorption its properties favor the human body.

Unlike chemically processed foods, avocados purify the lymphatic system thanks to its monounsaturated fats, alpha-linoleic and oleic acid. All these properties help to fight inflammation, favor the alkalinity of the organism and take care of the health of the heart.

The fact that it contains a high percentage of protein, zinc, minerals and potassium should not be overlooked. This set provides enough energy for the immune system to work normally. This without delving into the fact that it contains carotenoids and antioxidants that help eliminate toxins in the skin. In this context, in the following recipe we show how to purify the lymphatic system with an avocado smoothie .


Everything described in the avocado smoothie is recommended to be 100% natural. It requires a medium avocado, the juice of half a lemon, a tablespoon of aloe vera (15 g), a tablespoon of honey (25 g) and a 200 ml glass of water.

How to prepare it

The first step is to peel the avocado and remove all the central seed, now it is cut into four pieces and set aside. Then the lemon juice is obtained in the amount described, the 15 grams of aloe vera, in the latter case it is enough to get a stalk and carefully remove a tablespoon of pulp.

When all the ingredients are ready, they are added to a container and the mixer is used to mix. During mixing, water is added, in this way a homogeneous mix is ​​achieved and basically a semi-liquid result without lumps is obtained.

Finally a little extra honey is added if desired or, as it has been, it depends on the taste of each person. The result of this avocado smoothie is a powerful vitamin that contains properties capable of purifying the lymphatic system . It is recommended to drink at least three times a week, on an empty stomach.

Other recommendations to purify the lymphatic system

  • Drink no less than 6 glasses of water a day. Hydration accelerates the cleansing process of the lymphatic system.
  • Sleep 8 hours a day. The lymphatic system acts mainly during sleep and that is where the importance of rest can be observed.
  • The oxygenation to this system is given by the physical exercise that is carried out. Going for a run two or three times a week provides a large amount of oxygen and its functionality is optimized.
  • Practice Yoga or other relaxation techniques, in both cases the mental and physical state is improved and toxins adherent to the skin are released. Then the lymphatic system has less work at night.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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