Are you one of those who like to live in nature and have just built a dirt pizza oven in the patio, but want to do more? Maybe you always wanted a house like the Hobbits – in the movie “The Lord of the Rings” – and you didn’t have enough money to build one. Well, here is the idea of ​​how you can build your own Hobbit house for less than $ 5,000.

Simon Dale and his Hobbit house

It is simply incredible to see the amount of human beings that can really relate to nature and create for themselves a more alive and ecological home, sustainable using only natural materials and ancient techniques. Such is the example of Simon Dale , who started this project as he says, for fun and the search for his own soul to follow his own dreams and make them come true. A combination of freedom and self-sufficiency in balance with nature.

He designed and created this beautiful house that is already very famous on the web. It is a very special shelter, which is partially buried, and each part of it serves a purpose. It is very reminiscent of the Hobbit houses that they like so much and that were made famous by the Lord of the Rings saga and precisely he calls it that: The Hobbit House .

House designed with principles in balance with nature

We do not know if it was his inspiration, but what we do know is that the main intention of this project, Casa Hobbit, is the elaboration of a house in complete balance with nature, built with different systems of wood assembly and erection of walls, as well as ceiling elaboration. For example, the entire structure is made of wood; the walls and floors were built with straw bales, on a design that is based on the principles of permaculture , bioclimatism and organic architecture.

The following are images that describe some of the construction processes of this beautiful natural house:

How to build your own Hobbit house

Timber-framed lap systems used in the Hobbit House

Hobbit House Roof Wood Joining System

After four months of construction, the family moved into the house.

The roof of this house is used to collect rainwater and direct to the pond in the backyard.

The refrigerator is cooled by air from underground through the foundation.

A skylight provides light throughout the day.

The walls are made of stucco with lime, much better than concrete (more breathable). Also, they were built with straw bales, as well as floors.

Simon Dale from Wales built this house mostly with his father-in-law and some close friends who have also helped. It is estimated that around 1,000 – 1,500 hours were spent on the construction of this house.


Use bioclimatic principles where orientation is essential. Here you can see the greenhouse of the house that is perfectly oriented to take advantage of its light, not only for the plants but for the interior of the house as well. It takes advantage of its light and heat.

Like an eye in the middle of the forest to observe the events that are taking place in this natural paradise, this window is part of the openings that provide light to the interior.




Wood Burning Stove – locally renewable and abundant.

Ashley Yeates and her Hobbit house

Another case of how to build a hobbit house style in your own backyard is the one presented by Ashley Yeates . From Bedford, England, this boy decided to build a “hobbit hole” in his garden, a project that took almost a year to complete. After a tree died in the yard, it was decided to make a hole in what was just its place.

Many readers have commented that the structure will suffer water damage. Yeates explains the waterproofing procedure on his blog: “We have created a strong internal wooden frame that was greatly reinforced. Corrugated iron is used to seal everything and the panels were all seam welded from top to bottom once they were positioned, and then finished with a lot of waterproof barriers. The concrete base was waterproofed and finished with more waterproofing and finally a leveling compound, so there was a clean, beautiful finish on the inside. “

By Dr. Eric Jackson

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