This healthy morning diet will help you improve the hydration level of your body and fill it with vitality. When you are trying to regain health because some conditions have become chronic or persistent, such as fatigue , bloating, flu, overweight , pain, insomnia, etc., it is time to be aware that the body can bring toxins that can no longer be easily eliminated and for this it becomes inevitable to use a healthy morning diet.

Why use the morning diet

Healthy eating habits play one of the most important roles in the body’s cleansing process . However, it is not easy to change them overnight and even too drastic diet changes (detox diets) can lead to a very painful detoxification process for some.

For this reason, we suggest that you start with this morning diet that only includes changes in your diet in the morning , and that will allow you to gradually incorporate better foods for your body throughout the day.

It is very simple and you have all the food at hand. In addition, if you have retained fluid and retained fat that should not be there, this diet will help you reduce it considerably since it will only be giving your body nutrients, those necessary to keep you with energy, health and ideal weight, only according to this diet, follow some guidelines also throughout the day.

Try, experiment and make your own variations to your liking.

Step 1. Start the day drinking pure and natural water

Drinking water when you wake up has its well-established benefits. It is a support to help with the detoxification process that the body itself carried out naturally during its hours of rest at night.

This morning diet helps to eliminate the acidity that our body commonly suffers when a good process of hydrochloric acid (which is generated in the stomach) was not carried out due to not having good eating habits during dinner.

Drinking water at this time of day adds value to our digestive process since it stimulates our intestines to achieve a better transit and therefore evacuation.

Giving our body water from the first hours of the day, is preparing it to be better during the day, since it protects and hydrates our vital organs, promoting in turn, the transport of nutrients and oxygen to our cells. Regulates our temperature and promotes a decrease in appetite in the early hours.

Step 2. Have a glass of hot water

You saw the benefits of drinking water as soon as you get up, the water should be neither cold nor lukewarm, it should be at room temperature and if it is necessary to drink it just before getting up, so, try to have your glass right on your bedside table or nightstand next to your bed to have it handy once you wake up.

After taking that step, follow number two which consists of continuing to drink water but this time hot , or warm, so that you can drink it without burning yourself. You can do this step fifteen minutes after you have gotten up (and already had your first glass).

The benefits of this morning diet is that it promotes bowel movements, alleviates fluid retention, cleanses the skin, eliminates fat, decongests airways, improves digestion, helps the nervous system, helps in the self-detoxification process of our body. .

Step 3. Take a toner or restorative (supplement caffeine)

tonic is a substance that excites organic activity. It is a stimulant and fortifier for weak organs, since it restores its normal functioning, recovering its energy and vital force , it is a strong and spicy drink.

After step two, and approximately fifteen minutes later, it is recommended to take this tonic that will be served in a small glass for drinks or in a small container since it will be approximately 2 ounces what you will drink.

How to prepare the tonic:

In the extractor you will put a portion of fresh ginger root of approximately 5 cm., Washed and disinfected, with another portion of fruits, it can be 1 apple, or 1 pear, half a cup of pineapple, beet, orange, grapes, or tangerines .

The ginger will always go in this preparation with any of the portions you have chosen. Do not add water or sugar, only if you want 1/2 lemon in some of them, such as beet, orange or tangerine.

This drink is a great stimulant and improves other systems, the immune system, gives energy, reduces inflammation, calms muscle aches, premenstrual pain, improves digestion, the circulatory system, strengthens the activity of the heart and hair growth , hence the importance of include it in our healthy morning diet.

You can also try this vinegar toner if you don’t have some of these ingredients or the time to make it, it does many of the functions of a fresh fruit and vegetable toner and contains many of the properties of a toner. Prepare as instructed and serve in your small glass.

Step 4. Drink a vegetable juice (green juice)

The reasons to include in this healthy morning diet the intake of vegetable juices or “greens”, can be almost unnecessary to mention. Green juices are the most accessible ways to alkalize your body and give it the vitamins and minerals it requires, among many more things that you can see in this article: 7 reasons why you should take Green Juices .

The following green juice is a perfect way to detoxify your day. It will help you eliminate toxins, and increase the recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

The enzymes contained in these fruits and vegetables provide a myriad of health benefits. You can try a thousand ways to prepare green juices, this is just one example of the most basic vegetable juice combinations.


  • 1 bunch of spinach
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 4 medium carrots
  • 1 apple


Wash and disinfect all the ingredients well, before starting with the preparation. Pass the carrot and apple through the juicer. Once extracted, go through the blender along with the spinach and parsley. Drink immediately. Take it half an hour after the tonic.

The next steps until your mealtime arrives, consist of eating a medium plate of fruits, it can be a single fruit, or that they combine with each other, that is, do not stir sweet fruits with acidic ones, (if you are diabetic, check this article: The 10 best fruits for diabetics ) you can also eat a portion of nuts and continue drinking water for the rest of the day, 6 to 8 glasses is recommended, depending on your weight.

You should know that there is not much rigor in the distance between one step to another, as long as you do not follow one another, it is fine that at least between each of them, allow a minimum of fifteen minutes to pass.

So, start with this healthy morning diet if you want to change your eating habits and don’t know where to start. Modifying your morning diet can be a good step forward and your body will immediately start to feel it in weight loss (if you are overweight) and energy.

Do not forget that this morning diet is not only something that you should consider in that part of the day only, the remaining diet of the day must be according to this new change in eating habits, try to include less processed foods in your meals, since these are , more than not including more live diet in your diet, those that cause intoxication in your body and therefore, the chronic diseases that we talked about at the beginning.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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