To discover the darker side of the personality, this game of moral dilemmas is the ideal. It consists of responding to each of the proposed proposals, and at the end it will be possible to know what the answers mean.

1. Locked up in jail

A person is in jail with his partner because they were convicted of robbery. Both are in different cells and they make a proposal to them; if the two are capable of giving themselves away. If they decide to remain silent, the sentence will be one year. On the contrary, if the two decide to speak, they will be 2 years in prison.

Another option is that if only one speaks and the other remains silent, he will be released immediately; while the other will spend 3 years in his cell. You have no idea what your partner will do, what decision will be made?

2. Criminal woman

The case is of a woman who was pregnant and suffered the involuntary loss of her baby. Not daring to overcome it and tell her partner about it, she makes the decision to take a child. Upon discharge, she picks up a random baby in the nursery. Finally she takes him home with her saying that he is her baby.

By chance in life, the baby she took with her was an unwanted baby and her family suffered from alcoholism. However, he now finds himself with a family who loves and cares for him. Is this woman a criminal?

3. Future Professional

This is the case of a musician, who is also an economist. He thinks that music is the most important thing, but the profession allows to stay. So he tries to combine both for a while, but fails to achieve success. In light of this, his father finds him a highly paid job that he will certainly not be able to refuse.

At the same time, a friend gets him an offer as an opening act for his favorite group’s tour. This could be your chance to get famous but without many benefits. Which option should you choose?

4. Infidelity

When a woman is about to get married, her friend learns that her partner was unfaithful while planning the wedding. She is extremely happy about the step she is going to take and the ceremony is already underway. Should I tell her what happened?

5. Uncertain ocean

The person in charge of the coast guard is at her job and that day a person disappears into the ocean. The first rescuer is sent and disappears, so the person in charge finds it necessary to send another. As a consequence, this one also disappears, and the next will bring the same. Should I continue to send more rescuers?

6. Labor contract

The manager in the human resources office is responsible for accepting a new employee. To fill the vacancy, two people attend; the first a great friend who has helped him many times. The second, a person who is very well prepared and is the ideal to fill the position. Who should you give the job to?

7. Affectionate parent

This is the case of a father who is returning from a family trip with his 16-year-old son, who tries to get something wrong through customs. Upon realizing this, the proper personnel retain all the luggage for examination. Despite his age, this will have consequences. Should the father take responsibility?

8. Shipwreck

This is the case of a captain of a ship that has just crashed and capsized. However, they get all 100 passengers to board two rescue boats. But due to the weight and the weather, everything indicates that the boats will sink. One option is to launch half the people and the other to simply wait if they manage to rescue them, with very little probability. What option would you choose?

9. Building on fire

A building is on fire and a child of only 5 years old continues there. A person has the opportunity to save him, but he knows that in 30 years he will be one of the most wanted criminals. Will he save the child or will he think of a peaceful future?

10. Immortal Familiar

This is the case with an immortal relative, who has the fountain of eternal youth. He offers to drink it to a relative so that he can live forever, but he will have to watch other loved ones die. Will he drink from the water of youth, or should he prefer to grow old with his loved ones?


The most ethical and correct are those responses that cause the least harm. That is, the decision that implies that fewer people suffer, die or are disappointed. Sometimes this means that moral standards will have to be broken. Therefore, there are no correct answers, but the reflection you make can help you contemplate your darker sides.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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