The muscles of the face are subject to the movements that the person makes throughout life. Their deterioration is not noticeable to the naked eye, but the skin that is attached to them is. It is then this combination that can be cared for through facial gymnastics and with which you can have a younger face .


In previous topics, the importance of taking care of the skin of the face has been explained , in addition, it has been stated why it is very delicate, well, there are other ways to take care of this part of the body. Regardless of whether you want to maintain a young face or not, the muscular exercises of the face should be a constant task that help to preserve its firmness and elasticity, over time the flaccidity is delayed and wrinkles are not a problem as in people who they do not practice this type of gymnastics or exercise for the face.

What is facial gymnastics?

Despite its various benefits, facial gymnastics is little known , specifically, it involves a series of movements in different directions that help keep the skin firm. This swaying of tissue and skin helps the stimulation of collagen and elastin (lubricating fluid between the muscle strands) that delay aging. Its constant practice reduces drooping eyelids , expression lines and similar signs that are associated with old age.

Types of facial gymnastics to have a younger face

Below we can know some of the exercises that correspond to facial gymnastics with which you can prevent sagging of the face and keep the muscles of the face strong . These easy movement techniques can be very easy to put into practice, so don’t waste your time.

Exercises for crow’s feet

The eyes are kept in constant movement, this displacement is thanks to the internal rectus and external rectus muscles, both mobilize the eye to the sides, over time they cause wrinkles in the skin around the eyes, these are shaped like crow’s feet and are that’s why they are called like that. These folds are more frequent with the passage of time.


To combat crow’s feet you can practice facial gymnastics . The process consists of closing the eyes, now raising the eyebrows without opening them, it must be kept raised for a few seconds. They are then lowered again and the process repeated. This exercise causes a sensation of stretching of the skin and with constant practice it provides the necessary elasticity to avoid those uncomfortable wrinkles that appear on the side of the eyes.

Exercise for droopy eyelids

Facial gymnastics is one of the best treatments for droopy eyelid . As there is a weakening of the muscle that raises the eyelid (Orbicular M.), it needs to be toned and thus gain strength. The following exercise is recommended to be done in the morning, in this way the energy will be at one hundred percent.

In the middle of the eyebrows, place the index fingers and thumbs at the bottom of the eyes. Then the thumbs must be moved downwards and the index fingers upwards, the sliding must cause pressure on both points while the eyes are closed tightly. The exercise should be done for about 40 seconds and then you should rest. Repeat the process a maximum of five times.

Facial gymnastics for the forehead

Expression lines are found all over the face, but it is on the forehead where they are most clearly seen. This is where facial gymnastics comes into play to reduce wrinkles on the forehead . The following exercise helps to tighten the skin and greatly conceal these lines.


The first thing to do is place the fingertips horizontally to the forehead, preferably in the middle. Now and evenly slide the fingers up until they reach where the hair begins. The sensation of warm muscles is the indicator that the process is being carried out properly. Repeat these steps four or more times.

To tone the cheeks

The facial gymnastics to have a younger face applies perfectly cheeks. The type of exercise that is carried out can cause a bit of laughter, however, the toning effect is what is sought to be achieved. The muscle to be treated is the bucinator , which is part of the movement of the cheeks, mouth and acts mainly on the smile.

The first step is to make a very wide smile, you must try to stretch the skin that surrounds the lips and keep them firm. Being in this position, the tongue continues to stick out as much as possible, then the tip of it is extended upwards, trying to have this position for about five to ten seconds. Then the facial expression is returned to the original state and started again.

Exercise to reduce lines around the mouth

During this exercise the orbicularis oculi, bucinadores and risorio muscles are worked. All of them used more than 1,200 times a day to move the lips, laugh, scream, amplify the voice, among other tasks. All these movements cause the appearance of lines around the mouth and with time they are more noticeable. To avoid it, the following exercise that is part of facial gymnastics should be practiced .


The first thing is to make an “O” with your lips and press them against your teeth. Next, the index fingers should be pressed from top to bottom, starting at the sides of the lips, going to the nose. It is recommended to do 50 repetitions of this facial exercise per session.

Exercise for the double chin

The accessory muscles of the neck are very flexible, they remain semi-attached to the skin that is also too mobile, both characteristics are visible when you gain weight or due to some hormonal problem, this is where the famous double chin begins to be noticed. Fortunately Toning helps reduce sagging neck and jowls and double chin , and the following year achieved that effect.

First step, the person must stand upright, now the head must be moved back without exaggeration. Immediately and while the eyes look up, make a movement with your mouth as if you were chewing with your mouth open. Afterwards, the patient returns to the normal state and the procedure is repeated about 15 times.

Other quick facial exercises to rejuvenate the face

  • Exercises on the eyebrows : the first step is to place your fingers on the eyebrows and apply slight pressure so that you cannot frown even if you try. It is recommended to try raising the eyebrows to give resistance to the exercise. These simple movements should strengthen your eye and forehead muscles.
  • Seal the lips : this type of facial gymnastics to have a younger face consists of sealing the lips and filling the mouth with air to be able to tighten and stretch the muscles that surround the lips.
  • Say the vowels : it is a type of easy, simple and effective exercise, it consists of opening the lips wide each time a vowel is pronounced.
  • Make an inverted smile : to perform this exercise the lips must be held together, so the facial and neck muscles will be stretched . It is used to prevent the appearance of double chin and wrinkles on the face.

Final advice

  • All facial gymnastics exercises to have a younger face should be performed at least three times a week. Although if you have time, you should practice every day, letting these regions rest on weekends.
  • The results are visible in the medium and long term, as is the case with most exercises for the rest of the body.
  • For the exercises to be carried out properly, it is recommended that they be carried out in front of the mirror, in this way the posture will resemble the instructions given.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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