The elixir of youth and Tibetan longevity can be achieved by unifying several ingredients with many benefits for our body that, in addition to preventing the cells and organs of our body from aging prematurely, will also make our external appearance, to the eyes from others, totally healthy and enjoy longevity.

Elixir of youth: what are the ingredients?

Foods such as lemon , olive oil or honey are three ingredients that we use very often in our daily lives that make up the elixir of youth and Tibetan longevity . With these three ingredients we will have the possibility of developing a remedy that will be able to provide our body with properties that are not found in any other food.

Let’s see, one by one, the properties of each of these three foods so that by mixing them we can get a little idea of ​​all the benefits that we can obtain with this elixir of Tibetan youth and longevity.

Lemon and its properties

The lemon is one of the most recommended foods to prevent and fight diseases. Its properties are incredibly healing, with a great capacity to eliminate toxins and cleanse our body of substances that we do not need. You could say that the elixir of youth and lemon are directly related.

We are facing one of the citrus fruits with the highest amount of vitamin C inside, which can help our immune system in a very significant way, which will be able to prevent and fight a large number of diseases. In addition, it also contains vitamin P, which is very beneficial in keeping blood vessels in the best possible condition.

It is said that lemon is one of the foods of the elixir of youth and longevity due to its important antioxidant properties , capable of preventing both the skin and all the cells that make up our body from aging prematurely.

Olive oil and its properties

The olive oil is one of the most important sources of healthy fats, since many components brings to our organization actively involved in reducing bad cholesterol.

It also provides our body with fatty acids that are absolutely essential to reduce hypertension and improve the density of the blood that flows through our body, avoiding clots and other problems that could lead to very serious diseases.

Honey and its benefits

Honey is one of the sweet foods that can bring the most benefits to our health. Among the components of honey are sodium, potassium, magnesium , calcium, copper, zinc or phosphorus, minerals that act as a natural antibiotic capable of fighting diseases such as anemia, dizziness or dropsy .

If you realize it, for any type of problem related to the throat it is advisable to take one or several tablespoons of honey a day. This is because it has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, capable of calming irritation and muscle aches derived from it.

The preparation of the elixir of Tibetan youth and longevity

Now that we know the three main ingredients of the elixir of youth thanks to which we will improve our immune system in a very remarkable way, we are going to see how to make the mixture to always stay young, both outside and inside and achieve longevity .


Mix 100 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 50 ml of olive oil and 200 g of honey in a glass container. When we achieve that the mixture of the three ingredients is uniform, it must be covered and placed in the refrigerator.

How to consume the elixir of youth:

To have its effect, you have to take a tablespoon on an empty stomach every morning for a month, up to a maximum of two months each year. Here is the true elixir of youth. But you should know that each body has different needs, and the times of use, as well as the benefits of this mixture, will depend on many factors that cannot be clarified except by consulting a specialist in case of needing to clear up any doubts.

What are the benefits of the Tibetan Youth Elixir

The elixir of Tibetan youth is loaded with a medicinal tradition, as is ancient Tibetan medicine. Among the benefits we can highlight that it strengthens the immune system , regulates the digestive system, cleans the blood vessels at the same time that it improves liver functions, improving the complexion and reducing wrinkles.

In addition, separately, the components of this Tibetan elixir for longevity strengthen the immune system , which helps to be prepared to avoid diseases or suffer serious health problems.

Eternal youth was persecuted for millennia, but today we have a knowledge backed by scientific studies to be able to use them in our home remedies, which can well be considered an elixir of youth and that we use many times without having a notion of the healing power they have, Such as are the case of garlic, another great home remedy, which is not present in the elixir of Tibetan youth for longevity , but which may well accompany our diet since among the benefits of garlic the detoxification of the organism stands out, It comes to mean, the power to rejuvenate our body, and the prevention of some types of cancer, among other several other benefits.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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