Marriage is one of the biggest changes you can make in your life. Sometimes we find ourselves in a serious relationship and we didn’t know the person fully until something important happened, and sadly that sometimes happens after marriage. With this list, you can interpret some red flags from a mile away instead of ignoring them until it’s too late.

The choice of a travel companion is something of the utmost importance, so much so, that not only our personal achievements and emotional stability will depend on it, but also our physical and mental health, so you must be very careful when choosing someone to whom you you will open the doors of your life.

Don’t marry a man who has these habits

The toxic relationships are dangerous to your health; they could literally kill you. Stress shortens your life and can bring serious diseases or chronic conditions, avoiding them may be at your fingertips if you know how to choose the right person.

1. You don’t like animals

Pets are innocent creatures that depend on you to take care of them. It’s one thing for them to have allergies, but we don’t mean that, but when they completely don’t give an innocent animal a chance, that’s ridiculous.

It is even worse when you are with a man and you already have a pet, and it is a deal breaker for him. Some couples even go through big arguments until he or she is forced to put their pet up for adoption because their partner does not want it. It’s so selfish that you ask someone to get rid of their pet, you wouldn’t ask someone to get rid of a sibling you don’t like, right? The lack of love and common sense is a sign that that person, in the first instance, is not someone with a great capacity to love, and you should be careful.

2, has a closed mind

When the person you love is not open-minded about things in your life and even theirs, there is a big problem. Having an open mind is one of the most important qualities to be able to live together healthily.

It is always important to have an open mind and an open heart when in a relationship, knowing that both people will be there to support each other as much as they can. How can you form an opinion on something you’ve never tried before? You should give things a try before deciding if it is something you want to try again or not.

In addition to this, in a relationship you must be flexible, know how to listen and know how to say in the right measure, but if the person you live with has a closed mind it will be impossible to reach agreements or smooth things over, and it is very likely that they will begin to accumulate topics on which it is better not to talk and over time that will destroy the trust and love in the couple.

3. Break your promises

When a man breaks the promise he has made to you, that is something you should pay attention to, that usually means that he is very unreliable when it happens over and over again. Facing broken promises generally consumes you, it’s an extremely frustrating situation you find yourself in.

After having a conversation with him, just go ahead and ask him why he never keeps his word when there is an agreement, if he is flexible it is likely that they can work together on that aspect and he will see if he can be more responsible, but if On the contrary, it becomes an argument, it is better to leave everything there and run away from that relationship that will lead you nowhere.

4. Doesn’t care about himself

From the physical to the mental, self-care is reflected in a person’s perspectives.

Now we are not saying that you need a gym enthusiast as a couple, but it is important that the person you are with takes care of themselves. This does not necessarily mean that they are wrong, but you should not force your partner to try to change that about themselves when they are not ready. One of the most important life lessons you must learn is that people cannot make others change, you have to be there to support them as they decide when the time is right and when they want to change in their own way. Otherwise, it will be forced, they will breed resentment, and you and the relationship will fall apart anyway. They must give themselves some time, and a little space, do not pursue marriage until they are ready for such a life commitment.

5. Refuses to reach an agreement

All couples have disagreements, but not everyone will have an argument. An argument can be used to reach an agreement, and if that never happened, you should think about your options. Every relationship has conflicts, it is healthy to have your own opinion and with that sometimes the different options will turn into disagreements, it is difficult to deal with any relationship, but when each of the members reaches an agreement on something, it can be very rewarding and it feels great to keep going. But in the rare cases where someone refuses to reach an agreement 90% of the time, there is a problem, and having a relationship with someone like that will be frustrating, very unstable and long-lasting.

6. He is ungrateful and does not know how to value

Something that each person in the relationship should be actively trying to do is knowing how to value their partner.

If this doesn’t happen mutually in a relationship, there should be a direct conversation about why. No one in the relationship should be being the only one who values ​​while the other is simply absorbing everything without value or knowing how to thank. There is an aspect of mutual respect that comes with being in a relationship.

People who do not know value or thank, are the first to reproach and neglect their partner, and when this behavior is constant, you know what you can expect from such a long-term relationship.

7. Has a habit of lying

Lying is never okay. Lying is something children do because they don’t know better. Lying is not something a full adult does, especially to the person they are supposed to love. There is no excuse for lying, sit down and talk to your partner first and try to find out what is causing this lie and how you can work together to fix it and build a stronger union. If he turns around and accuses you of lying, there is a deeper internal problem that you should not deal with if the person causing it is not even able to recognize.

8. Does not have the capacity to carry a deep conversation

There must be a connection that is formed over time, strong enough that two people in love can spend time alone together, it is called coexistence.

Being able to spend time with the person you love after a long, hard day at work should be relaxing, meaningful, and generally special. Our partner should be there for us, so we feel cozy and loved, and vice versa too! But when every moment is filled with shallow, pointless days after work or anything else stressful, it’s hard to try to tell them to stop.

An inattentive, superficial person with only superfluous interests is not really someone with whom you can explore the many wonders that a relationship has, including its ups and downs, of course.

9. He is violent and does not know how to control his emotions

An obvious reason, but one that definitely needs to be said. If this is the case, you should leave as soon as possible and seek help.

If your partner has ever been violent and you fear physical abuse because of it, or if they have been violent and hurt you, no matter the circumstances, you need to find someone you trust that you can talk to. A family member, a co-worker, your best friend or friend, brother, someone to help you get help and take care of you until the situation is handled.

Nobody deserves to have their trust betrayed by a partner who is supposed to love you forever, nobody deserves it and you don’t deserve it. It is not your fault, and you are not responsible. No matter what you’ve done in your life, you don’t deserve to be physically punished for a mistake. There are people who care about you, please don’t forget that.

10. You don’t appreciate your own family.

If he has no real reason why he hates his family and it is only him holding onto his teenage angst, there is a level of immaturity that needs to be addressed.

Teen angst towards anything that is carried into a person’s adult life is a huge red flag warning that should signal that they may not be ready for the next step in the relationship. For a relationship to prosper it is important that you are both on the same level, and that will not happen unless you communicate and let him know your true feelings.

I’ve always found it to be a great red flag when a guy doesn’t like his family for reasons he doesn’t have, even when it comes to a friend! It’s like compassion for pets, if you don’t love the people around you who have raised and loved you all your life, and haven’t given you any reason to hate them, what’s the problem? If the person is not able to get past their teenage years, they are not ripe for a serious long-term relationship.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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