Absences hurt, but it is a suffering that, over time, diminishes and finally disappears. However,  when you share your life with harmful people, the pain is much longer and deeper.

A friend, family member, or partner can ruin your life, and if so, it’s your job to get away from them to live fully.

If a person underestimates you, they don’t love you; if he criticizes you to hurt you, he does not love you; if he insults or abuses you, he does not love you; if he ignores you or if he is simply indifferent, he does not like you.

Isn’t it better that this person is not part of your life?

Harmful people whose absence in our lives is a good thing

There are certain people from whom it is healthy to get away , and with whom we have to put a distance that allows us to be ourselves and live in an environment of well-being and security.

Read more of this article and you will discover examples of harmful types of people whose absence in our lives is a good thing.

The pessimist

It can manifest itself in your life on many occasions: among your friends, in your partner, at work … The first thing you should do is identify the pessimistic person with whom you are spending part of your time.

The pessimists are these harmful people who do not stop complaining, for whom everything is wrong, and they love to reproach things of others, without any basis.

In fact,  a pessimistic person has low self-esteem  and likes to convey his concern.

Being worried is human, but our worry should motivate us to find solutions, be healthy and positive, but not paralyzing. It is about taking advantage of each situation to grow, not to stagnate.

The manipulator

A manipulator will make you believe that, by chance, the best for you is also the best for him , so that you end up doing things that you do not want to do.

A manipulative person is a person who knows how to handle emotions and who benefits from this ability. And he is a specialist when it comes to identifying your weaknesses so that you do what he wants.

That is why it is important to locate the manipulator as quickly as possible.

For this, it should be known that the latter can appear in different faces: someone who dedicates his time to victimize himself and makes you guilty of all his misfortunes, someone who is aggressive for which you prefer to please him and not face him, or someone who reinterprets your words. To make you say things you didn’t say

The possessive

A possessive person will prevent you from building bonds with other people, will isolate you and make you believe that you will be better off this way.

For that person, you are just one more object that he can possess exclusively for himself. And he says things like “You are mine”.

It is better for you if this type of harmful person leaves your life, because nobody has the right to possess you; You are a person, not a thing.

You have emotions and feelings, you live and breathe, you build relationships with others… in short, you are human.


An aggressive person likes to argue with others and insult them; such behavior allows you to feel powerful.

Aggression is his reason for being, and has no other foundation than his own lack of confidence and self-esteem.

Stay away from these harmful people as soon as possible. Love yourself and believe in yourself, don’t let anyone underestimate you or make you feel inferior.

As a person, you are different from others. Neither better nor worse; Simply unique.

Get carried away by loneliness – Stay away from harmful people

Most people are convinced that in life, to be happy, they need others, be in a relationship, and have friends.

However,  happiness is something personal that intimately concerns each of us as individuals.

Some people can have partners and be surrounded by friends, but they are deeply unhappy, because for them, their well-being depends on others.

Think of something that can make you happy; riding a bike, writing, reading, etc., all those things that can make you happy independently of others, because the satisfaction that arises is within you.

So,  let loneliness envelop you, protect you, allow you to know yourself and accept yourself.

Let it invade your life from time to time. Enjoy the silence, your own space of solitude, go for a walk, observe others. Feel how beneficial the absence of those harmful people who hurt you can be.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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