What are succulent plants?

Succulent or succulent plants are those in which the root, stem or leaves have been thickened to allow the storage of water in much greater quantities than in the rest of the plants.

This adaptation allows them to maintain water reserves for long periods and survive in arid and dry environments that other plants find uninhabitable. The most typical example of succulence is that of cacti, in which the stem contains a thick layer of parenchymal tissue, but there are other plant families that present the same phenomenon.

Creativity and nature

The art of designing gardens and green spaces, as we have mentioned in many articles, offers us the opportunity to reconnect with our own roots, with the earth, providing the benefits of a moment of calm, relaxation that becomes so necessary in these days.

How to Create a Living Picture Using Succulents

The opportunity that these succulent plants provide for creativity is many. In this case we can appreciate how it fits into a highly decorative and lively design, giving an ecological touch to our home and the purity of nature where we choose to include these lively and decorative paintings.

Elaboration :

We start by making cuts of the selected plants.

Take a frame, a piece of wire mesh, wooden slats to make the box where the plants will be set, and a piece of wood to close the back of the box.

Make a board out of the slats the size of the inside of the frame.

Place the screen on the front of the box.

Place the piece of wood behind the frame.

Paint the frame in the color of your choice.

Now fill the box with fertile or compost soil.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

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