Creams and treatments to maintain beautiful skin during pregnancy and avoid the formation of stretch marks and the loss of elasticity of the skin, something very common at this stage of life.

During the most special nine months in the life of each woman, in addition to nausea and various hormonal changes, some aesthetic problems, such as stretch marks and swelling, become even stronger , causing considerable discomfort when facing the mirror.

Despite this and contrary to what many think, it is possible to mitigate discontent about appearance during pregnancy by taking some special care that does not harm the health of the future mother and the baby and can prevent the formation of the stretch marks. Simple to follow day by day, the skin beauty ritual at this stage should mainly include hydration of the skin tissue .

Cream for stretch marks on the skin

Therefore, the ideal is to use creams made with vitamin C for the face, which in addition to hydrating, have the purpose of protecting and lightening the facial blemishes that usually appear or during this period. For the body, the ideal is to opt for moisturizers formulated with urea, ideal to avoid dryness.

In addition, application of solutions with AMD on the face is worthwhile. The substance found in fish is capable of fighting sagging, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles , as well as continuing to provide a more youthful appearance.

Homemade cream recipe for stretch marks

This ointment is not only designed to keep the skin supple that can appear after a large weight gain, but also to soothe any skin irritations and stretch marks that accompany pregnancy. It is also very easy to do.

Stretch Mark Ointment Ingredients

How to prepare the homemade cream:

  1. If you are using calendula and ginger, add to the almond or apricot oil and place in a jar over a small pot of water.
  2. Bring to a simmer for 30 minutes and then begin to incorporate the properties of the herbs.
  3. Strain through a cloth or metal strainer to remove herbs.
  4. Return the oil to the water bath and add the shea butter and coconut oil.
  5. Heat until melted and stir to incorporate.
  6. Remove from heat and store in a small glass jar.

You can use this cream on the skin before, during or after pregnancy as needed.

Get rid of stretch marks in pregnancy

To help fight stretch marks during pregnancy, the main thing is to avoid excessive weight gain during the nine months and opt for the daily use of vegetable oils, as well as creams with vitamin E that improve the elasticity of the skin. Also, shortly after the second half of pregnancy and the birth of the baby, some cosmetic treatments performed under medical supervision can also help.

Even during breastfeeding, creams and natural peels can be used in areas with stretch marks . However, for the desired effects to be achieved, the procedures should be done as soon as possible, while the stretch marks have a reddish color.

Although some techniques are recommended by doctors, others, such as chemical peels, are contraindicated. This is because retinoic acid is used in this type of method, as trichloroacetic acid (TCA) can cause birth defects. Widely used, radio frequency devices should also be avoided at this stage due to the electrical current that can disturb the balance of the fetus, increasing the risk of miscarriage.

Get rid of bloating

Common in pregnancy, fluid retention and swelling in the feet can be controlled with low-impact exercise, such as water aerobics, swimming, and walking, capable of improving venous return. In addition, lymphatic drainage sessions performed by a qualified professional, just after the end of the first trimester of pregnancy, are also recommended.

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By Dr. Eric Jackson

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