The cities and towns of Ireland are one of the European landscapes that are most visited by tourists from all over the world who seek to surround themselves with history and magical places, with picturesque streets, full of art and culture.

Towns of Ireland you should know

Ireland is a country that stands out for the antiquity of the human settlements found there. It is estimated that from the year 3000 a. C there were humans inhabiting the area, while the Celts (the main germ from which the Irish culture arose) arrived on the island around 1600 BC. C.

Since then they configured a particular political system, they extended the use of their languages ​​(among which Gaelic stands out) and of their religions with pagan and pantheistic foundations. However, in the 12th century the English began to impose their military and cultural rule in Ireland , a process that lasted 800 years and was carried out through military conquest and the amplification of its culture (inculcating Protestantism, the English language and the monarchy ). The Irish nation achieved independence in 1922 and has since established itself as an exceptional destination for both its cultural wonders.

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Ireland from urbanity

For those who like a city landscape, Ireland has everything to satisfy the need to feel in a big city, but at the same time it preserves its ancient heritage. The capital, Dublin , is a metropolis that saw its growth take off in the 90s and 2000s, which is why it is populated by buildings with the most outstanding artistic avant-garde architecture. Its streets are full of pubs , vibrant nightlife and shops typical of a European capital modernized less than two decades ago.

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The second most populated city in Ireland is Cork , and it is an excellent option for those seeking urban tourism as well as picturesque, the highest expression of this word being the Farren Pier . On the other hand, Georgian architecture is scattered throughout the city in markets, churches and cathedrals. Also found outside the Blarney Castle and Castle Blackrock , both being great references of the Irish architectural and cultural past.

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The natural landscapes of the Celtic nation

If what you are looking for is an experience closer to nature, in contact with the rural and the origins of Ireland, the country has very intelligently preserved its cultural heritage. The town of Dalkey , for example, has one of the best pubs and restaurants in Ireland.

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Towns with a lot of history

Its establishments are known for maintaining gastronomic traditions that date back several thousand years , accompanied by the production of its world- famous autochthonous beer. This is in addition to medieval castles, such as Norman Castle , and spectacular coastal views of the Irish Sea .

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Apart from Dalkey there is Kinsale , in the south of the island. With more rural than urban population, the town offers picturesque landscapes of colorful shops, views of the Irish countryside with stunningly green lawns and abundant sheep or cattle grazing or milling around in the greenery. Likewise, it is possible to find in the town one of the most outstanding historical-military buildings in the country: The Charles Fort .

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