The personal value to feel fully with your life, how you can recognize it and how you can carry it out. Learn to change your thoughts to change your lifestyle and achieve well-being. Attitudes are what make the difference and we will always depend on them to get to better places, or to get out of bad times.

What is value to you?

Imagine that you could differentiate one by one your beliefs about the value of a circumstance, person or action in your life. You would carefully review not only what is evident, but also the cause, (what originates that “value”, which is what really deserves a careful observation or introspection) and you could observe many things.

I give you these examples:

First you would observe what value does the word have in your life?

You would find yourself many times saying, I am not capable of performing such an act, I have to wait a bit to be encouraged to do it, I am really very powerful but I lack initiative and perseverance. I wish I was better than yesterday and I often find myself being more decadent every day, etc.

So now let’s see: What is the value of attitude in your life?

You would find yourself many times acting as you value in your thought and word. Taking what I exemplified previously: you will have an attitude of being unable to perform such an action, you will see yourself waiting to execute the action, you will see yourself being decadent because every day you use fewer actions and more thoughts, and these are the consequences that your thoughts generate.

The values ​​in our life are a composition made by the beliefs established at a very early age. These beliefs are not ours, but we agree to believe them.
Beliefs are the result of the social and cultural structure in which we grow up and with which we are educated.

They educate us in the way our parents, friends, teachers and even strangers have been educated, it is a process in a chain of transfer of socio-cultural values, and finally what is outside, ends up being what we have inside.

These beliefs are implanted in our subconscious, they are not conscious thoughts, but automatic, that is why self-knowledge is the main basis for making contact with those beliefs, observing them (the art of introspection) and starting the plan to renew the beliefs, which means, decide to make new agreements with yourself and begin to value life according to your own new beliefs, your own life value and begin to see objects and not subjects in all your experiences (although it seems impossible now) because that is what experiences are made of: contacts, stimuli, impacts (with and for ourselves nothing else) through the objects of the universe, not through beings and memory of experiences,but we do it this way automatically even though we know that reality is neutral and the color of our own dreams gives shape to the landscape we paint.

To make a change and show yourself what you really can be, it takes only one thing, as Victor Hugo’s phrase says, “What differentiates the coward from the brave is that the brave try”

Action is the only way to show yourself what you can become, you can even know very well what you are, but not what you can become and this is only achieved when your life becomes action.

It is not necessary to have a high knowledge or to be a wise man, it is enough to be aware that you are the one who decides your present, that you are the one who can redefine the values ​​of your own life, that you are the one who is now deciding to create with action.

All actions are given with an objective, with a pre-established agreement, therefore, the action must be a proactive action, a positive action with a focus directed either to success, growth, conquest, or whatever you want to demonstrate to yourself. yourself. If you can say that you consider yourself a great person, do something great, if you can say that you consider yourself a unique being, do something unique, if you are able to say that you consider yourself a conscious being, do things consciously.

What do you think about the couple relationship? What do you think about the human being? What do you think about God? What do you think it is to be normal?
Those who collate these values ​​and subsequent thoughts are the world of beliefs that we have built, such as a dream landscape, in our mentality.
In it there is a judge and a culprit, villains and nobles, dominated and dominant tyrants …

This is what we have become, and it is one of the signs that makes us different from one another. (The ability to create laws, judgments and internal sentences)

That judge and slave that we are is based on beliefs to exist and it is what we can modify, because the voices of both the inner judge, and those of the slave, are nothing more than emotions (shocks). They are not actions, but they direct and drive them.

These emotions structure reality for us and we feed on them to feel that we have an identity in this world, that we are, even if we do not want it, bitter, conflictive, idealistic, spiteful, enthusiastic, rebellious, impulsive, unscrupulous, hateful, loving and etc.

But the essential thing is to recognize that I am not that judge nor am I that slave, I am allowing myself that but I am not, I am not my beliefs, I am the power to accept or change them.

That judge and slave is a momentary mental state, a condition agreed with myself subconsciously, but that if I don’t work to overcome it (empty myself) it will be a permanent state and from which I will need your encouragement in every circumstance of my life, either to ally myself to pain, or even satisfaction.

We have learned to be what we are today simply because we apply actions, but these actions are repetitive, this is the only reason why we know how to be who we are, because we have repeated it so many times that we became masters of it.

Now there comes a time when you have to educate the child who learned to live as we live today, and that child that is you, now has the consciousness of a man. Just try and you will be beyond achievement, you will be part of the evolution of man.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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