Stretch marks are those uneven, discolored lines that usually appear when the skin is stretched too far. They can be reddish or very pale in color, they are almost always shiny, and they are thin and thick. The causes of stretch marks in the breasts can be many, sadly they do not disappear on their own or with time, however there are many products and treatments that can hide them to a great extent, not to mention that it is possible to avoid their appearance.

Causes of stretch marks on breasts

The breasts are one of the most sensitive areas of the female body, also one of the most prone to stretch marks, since at the time of development the skin expands as the bust grows. The main causes of stretch marks on the breasts are:

Steady weight gain and loss

Without any doubt this is the main cause of stretch marks appearing anywhere on the body, especially the breasts. Many times a healthy lifestyle is not carried out, which leads to weight gain, this can have various repercussions on the body, since not only the regular functioning of the body is affected but also the skin suffers damage , and this is the moment where stretch marks appear, for this reason, it is of the utmost importance to maintain an adequate weight.


Genetics is definitely the one who determines most of the things that occur in the body and during certain stages of life, since it contributes in a very significant way to the appearance of stretch marks . Although there is no true guarantee that this is related or not, the truth is that several women in the family, whether maternal or paternal, suffer from this, this problem is probably inherited, and develops more easily.

The pregnancy

Although it is a very beautiful stage in the life of a woman, usually during this period stretch marks can develop especially on the breasts , but also on other parts of the body such as the abdomen. This occurs because of the stretching the skin suffers. This is not to mention all the hormonal changes that the body experiences. The size of the bust usually increases its real size quite a lot, this happens thanks to the fact that the hormones responsible for estrogen and progesterone that are produced during pregnancy make the mammary glands swell. Although this aggravation only occurs during the months that the gestation lasts, during the lactation period it can also happen.

How to remove stretch marks from breasts?

Once these have appeared it is impossible for them to disappear, however there are many methods that help to blur them and thus make them less noticeable:

  • Apply fresh milk on the areas where there are stretch marks.
  • Hydrate and nourish the skin with natural oils, vitamin E, aloe vera and other products.
  • Use special dermatological creams to constantly reduce stretch marks .
  • Methods such as microdermabrasion or peeling can be used, however these must be performed under the supervision of a specialist as they can be very abrasive.
  • Castor oil on the stretch marks on the bust, to achieve this, you can perform gentle massages for 15 minutes applying this oil, then apply heat to the area and perform circular motion massages again, this time for about 10 minutes. The benefits of castor oil will help you remove the marks on the skin in a few weeks.
  • Alfalfa leaves : Thanks to the compounds and vitamins in this leaf, mainly vitamin E, K and proteins, which tone the skin and restore health, it is possible to reverse stretch marks  on the breasts . Apply a preparation of alfalfa powder with a few drops of chamomile essential oil to the affected area, and gently massage the place.
  • Apricot paste . With about 3 or 4 apricots and seedless make a paste that you will apply on the skin, in this way make gentle movements with your fingers.
  • Tea tree oil : This oil is a natural antibiotic with anti-inflammatory properties. It is effective for all types of skin problems. As in the previous cases, massage the area by rubbing this oil, make sure that the movements are soft and circular to penetrate the skin well.

How to prevent the appearance of stretch marks on the breasts?

Preventing stretch marks is possible, although it is true that not much can be done if they are due to genetic causes, there are some methods that will help to prevent their appearance:

  • Beware of gaining too much weight, since when you are constantly going up and down in size, the skin loses elasticity, and therefore the body becomes more prone to creating stretch marks.
  • Hydrate the body a lot, drink a lot of water every day, at least about 2 liters
  • Exercising constantly, as this helps the well-being of the body
  • Maintain a balanced diet so that the skin can absorb all the nutrients it needs to have good elasticity.
  • Use body creams according to the type of skin you have, in addition to not trying any brand without knowing in depth what ingredients it has

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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