Dr. Budwig, an expert in fats and oils, and who is credited with the Budwig Diet, found that the correct combination of cottage cheese and flaxseed oil has therapeutic properties in the prevention, treatment and cure of cancer. She had been researching the pathogenesis of the disease and while doing so, she observed that quark (a soft, fresh cheese) contained the small groups of sulfhydryl, found in cancer treatment drugs. Read on to learn more about this cancer prevention and treatment mix .

Fatty acids that support cell membranes

These sulfhydryl groups contained in this type of cheese, and which are the amino acids cysteine ​​and methionine -. The doctor established that essential polyunsaturated fatty acids, known as PUFA’s are actually main components of cell membranes, and without their proper function the cell will not be able to carry out vital life processes such as cellular respiration and the process of division to form new cells.

The two essential polyunsaturated fatty acids for the support of cell membranes are: linoleic acid (AL) or omega-6, and linolenic acid (LNA) or omega-3 fatty acid.

Flaxseed oil and cottage cheese work on cell renewal

When the sulfhydryl groups in cottage cheese bond with the unsaturated fatty acids in flaxseed oil, a chemical reaction occurs, allowing the flaxseed to become water soluble and enter the cell to supply energy and function properly. The combination of these two ingredients recharges dead cells.

Thus, Dr. Budwig’s cancer patients had significant improvements in oxygen delivery to cells and also found relief from all forms of cancer including gastrointestinal tract, brain, and breast and skin cancers.

Tips when doing the Budwig diet protocol

  • Drink only purified water
  • Get in the sun to receive adequate amounts of vitamin D and promote healing in the mind and body
  • Eliminate processed foods
  • Eliminate sugar, meat, and animal fat
  • Eat only fresh and organic fruits and vegetables
  • Eat the food immediately after its preparation, do not use leftovers
  • Avoid medications and supplements of any kind
  • Grind fresh flaxseed and consume it 15 minutes after grinding
  • Avoid toxins that come from trans fats, GMOs, carcinogenic cooking tools like Teflon coated pans and plastic.

Dr. Budwig’s research stimulated other scientists to explore fats and oils and their effects on the human body. If you want to try this diet, you will have to buy high-quality ingredients first, because if you buy low-quality ingredients, especially cottage cheese, then the necessary chemical reaction between the sulfhydryl groups and the fatty acids will be inhibited.

The preservatives and hormones in poor-quality cheeses, along with high-heat pasteurization processes, destroy the quality of the sulfur-containing protein.

Cancer Prevention and Treatment with Cottage Cheese and Flaxseed Oil

For the prevention and treatment of cancer with this mixture, it is recommended to use 1 tablespoon of flax oil and 2 tablespoons of organic low-fat cottage cheese for every 45 kg of person (100 pounds). This prescription is adjustable for various needs and purposes in order to treat the severity of cancer symptoms.

  1. Place 1 tablespoon of cold-pressed flaxseed oil in a glass container.
  2. Mix in 2 organic, low-fat cottage cheese (2% or less).
  3. Never by hand, and preferably using an immersion mixer, mix the two foods for 1 minute. This will result in a whipped cream like consistency.
  4. Grind 2 tablespoons of golden or brown flax in a coffee grinder for 1 minute until an airy and fluffy look appears.
  5. Place the ground flax seed in a separate glass bowl. Add the cheese and oil mixture to the ground flax seed and stir with a spoon to combine.

If you suffer from cancer, Dr. Budwig, creator of this cancer prevention and treatment diet, recommends consuming up to 8 tablespoons of flax oil (in the mixture) daily. Otherwise, consume 1 tablespoon per day of oil in the mixture to prevent cancer.

You can add fruits, nuts, and spices on top of this meal.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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