We constantly read about the importance of physical activities and training, however, very rarely do we find information about specific exercises. Therefore, below, we will present a list of the benefits of regularly practicing yoga.

The benefits of yoga provide instant and lasting gratification of mind and body energy transformation . In the world of fitness, both are extremely important. Too long with too little results can be very daunting, and a monotonous routine week after week can lead to stagnation.

Yoga can change your physical and mental abilities quickly , while preparing your mind and body for long-term health.

Yoga is for everyone

Most local yoga institutes and gyms offer yoga classes open to all generations and fitness levels. It’s exciting to walk into a room full of young teens, athletes, middle-aged moms, seniors, and even fitness buffs and bodybuilders. Everyone can feel accepted and included, unlike other sports or classes that target niche clients, yoga tends to have open arms.

Prepare your mind for yoga

But to make this article more practical, we propose a mental preparation that you can do at home, it is a basic meditation exercise, so that you prepare to perform this practice since the benefits of yoga are both physically and emotionally .

1. Lotus flower position

Begin by adopting the meditation position sitting on the floor with your legs in the lotus flower. Disconnect from the world and ignore external stimuli.

2. Dig deeper

Enter yourself, search, deepen, internalize yourself, look inside yourself as if you were doing it inside another person, as you do with a landscape that you like. It is simply that you observe yourself and not that you berate yourself, deceive yourself or blame yourself.

3. Identify your qualities

Gradually discover your strengths, weaknesses, fears, complexes, conflicts, inhibitions and escapes, but also your memories, fantasies and dreams. Avoid a false image of yourself and know yourself, not by what others say about you, but by what you experience.

4. Be objective

Be equanimous and objective, do not analyze it, simply visualize yourself to understand yourself, to know your intentions, to know what your authentic self is and what is the acquired one. Do not let yourself be conflicted by what you discover in your inner search, avoid tension and be very patient.

This is a job of very deep concentration, try to do it when you are sure that no one can interrupt you. When you achieve this, you will discover surprising situations that live inside you and that of course you did not know them consciously.

You can consult more information on how to perform yoga practices for beginners, you can also get closer to the benefits of yoga by knowing the most effective stretches .

The benefits of yoga for our health

Before talking about the benefits of practicing yoga regularly , we want to remind you that this is a very complex physical activity, as it requires dedication and perseverance on the part of the participant. Similarly, it is not an exercise for those seeking adrenaline and a lot of noise.


Yoga is not an activity that requires speed or a lot of perspiration; However, this does not imply that fat is not burned and the circulation of the body is worked. A yoga session can burn up to 600 calories, improve skin appearance, and detoxify.


Yoga exercises require resistance and strength, that is why you will quickly notice how your figure begins to tone and harden. You will have more energy, strength and dexterity.

Internal massage

One of the best benefits of practicing yoga regularly . Each asana (posture) has a specific purpose. Therefore, you can work the entire functioning of your body with just one exercise session.

Tranquility and relaxation

The stillness of the spaces where this activity is practiced makes it the best way to release stress, anxieties and forget about everyday problems for a moment. Stress-related mental illnesses are becoming more and more common.

Improve posture

The constant practice of yoga will significantly improve your physical appearance. Your figure will be delineated, toned, and, above all, it will perfect the state of your spine.

As you will see, the benefits of practicing yoga regularly are incredible. We assure you that in less than a month you will feel the first changes.

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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