Coconut oil has been used since ancient times in India to groom hair, but it is also very beneficial for treating hair loss . Various remedies were prepared using herbs and this oil to prevent hair loss .

Benefits of coconut oil for hair

The use of coconut oil on the hair helps reduce protein loss and thus reduce damage, as well as keeping the hair in good condition. It is rich in lauric acid , has a high affinity for hair protein, and easily penetrates inside the hair shaft, which is due to its low molecular weight. It can be used for pre-wash or post-wash hair grooming.

Cooling properties

The application of coconut oil in the head and scalp leather also has a cooling effect . It can cool and calm people with hot heads, or those who suffer from heavy sweating on the scalp.

To avoid dry hair

This oil has a high moisture retention capacity , since it does not decompose easily or evaporate, being very stable. Do not let moisture escape, keeping hair moist and soft, which prevents hair breakage.

Hair conditioner

Coconut oil is the best hair conditioner than any synthetic one available on the market. Using this hot oil helps keep hair shiny and smooth. Apply some hot oil at night and wash your hair the next morning. This can be repeated every few days to achieve healthy, strong and conditioned hair.

Coconut oil prevents dandruff

The various fatty acids present in coconut serve as good anti-dandruff agents and are far better than any anti-dandruff shampoo. Regular application of the oil can help you get rid of dandruff for good. When mixed with warm water and castor oil it can also be effective in treating dandruff . Massage the scalp and hair with this mixture for ideal results.

Another home remedy for dandruff can be prepared by mixing coconut oil with sesame oil. Apply this mixture for about 30 minutes and then shampoo your hair.

For hair loss

This home remedy can be prepared in modern times by boiling sage leaves in coconut oil . This mixture can be applied to the scalp to achieve healthy hair, and its use will also prevent hair loss .

Applying a mixture of lime and water can also provide relief from hair loss , as can the mixture of coconut oil and gooseberries. Boil the gooseberries in the oil and then apply it to the hair.

Use as a hair gel

Coconut oil can be used as a hair gel as it can soften in contact with the heat of the scalp and then condenses on cooling. Therefore, when applied to the hair, it becomes lighter and spreads evenly due to the heat of the scalp. Soon after, as the hair comes into contact with air, the coconut oil in the hair condenses, working well like a styling gel or cream.

Protection against lice

The lice are a very common pest found in the hair and can cause embarrassment to many people. They also have a tendency to come back again and again. There are many chemicals available for the treatment of lice , but unfortunately, they can also damage the scalp and hair due to their strong chemical components.

Combing wet hair with a fine comb is a good remedy to get rid of lice, but this can also damage hair. However, if wet hair is covered with coconut oil, it becomes much easier to comb and later remove the lice .

Dry hair care

Using strong dry hair care products for cleaning, toning, and conditioning can lead to a dry, flaky scalp. However coconut oil can be effective in caring for this type of dry hair .

Tone hair

Coconut oil also helps in toning hair , especially dry hair . Apply a warm mixture of coconut oil and lavender essential oil to your scalp at night, and then wash and rinse your hair the next morning. You can repeat this treatment as often as you like until you see the desired results.

Hair Conditioner

The hair conditioners can be easily prepared at home with coconut oil . It is not only effective; it also has no side effects. Mix some henna with coconut oil and hot milk to make a paste. Apply this on your hair for 20 minutes and then rinse your hair properly. This hair conditioner is very effective, particularly for dry hair .


Some people experience the condition of boils on the scalp , especially during winter. This can also happen if it is exposed to heat or sun for a long duration. It is important to keep both hair and scalp clean, and the occasional hair massage with a mixture of coconut oil and olive oil can provide relief from the uncomfortable and unsightly problem of boils. However, if the problem persists, it is advisable to contact a health care specialist.

Split ends in hair

If you have a lot of split ends in your hair, it is generally advisable to cut them, but in case this problem appears in a small number of your hair, then you can use simple home remedies to solve the problem. Massage your hair with a mixture of coconut oil and almond oil for a few minutes; This will help minimize split ends and tie them back together.

Gray hair and baldness

Coconut oil is also beneficial for preventing baldness and graying hair . Mix Bhringraj or eclipta prostrata leaf juice with coconut oil and apply this on the scalp and hair.

As you can see , coconut oil is a great ally to treat different hair problems and can make any haircut you choose look better as it treats the various problems that can occur with our hair and subtracts its natural beauty. .

By Dr. Eric Jackson

Dr. Eric Jackson provides primary Internal Medicine care for men and women and treats patients with bone and mineral diseases, diabetes, heart conditions, and other chronic illnesses.He is a Washington University Bone Health Program physician and is a certified Bone Densitometrist. Dr. Avery is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list.

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